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Published: 2021-08-07 14:30:08
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To spread the news about the sustainability policies to reach the younger generation they can use the following measures:
Use of brand advocates: The best advocates are people who love your brand, this will increase brand image and encourage word of mouth publicity. They can create brand advocates in different cities and states who discuss their services, products and talk good about them. They can start a two-way communication and influence millions of consumers who are active on social media and have followers. These brand advocates can be offered special discounts and coffee treats by you. They are the best to start discussion on your sustainable initiatives.
Advantages: The youth who are almost always online will connect with your brand immediately and you will start getting millions of followers and responses immediately.
Disadvantages: The youth and stories change very fast the content will have to be carefully reviewed to avoid boredom and creating a negative image. The storyline should be constant and continuous.
Cross-Channel campaigns: These campaigns should be engaging, humorous and engage consumers across all social media channels. It can be linked to a social media page and a link can land on your website. The consumers should be involved with engaging stories and additional emotional connect. The page should be happening with innovative subjects and hashtags to make it trendy and liked. It should focus on the sustainable policies organized and planned by Wal-Mart.
Advantages: The youth will take to commenting, sharing and liking immediately, tagging will also start. Your policies will become known and create a positive brand image instantly if the storyline or initiatives are liked.
Disadvantages: Again the youth need continuous flow of information and the initiatives or their details need to be updated almost 5 times in a week. The storyline and engaging of consumers has to be constant process. The fear of spamming and negative comments needs to be carefully addressed.
Go live with your story: Your brand has its own unique story; you can live stream it on many social media sites. The youth like to be involved and know about such stories. You can engage and inspire your customers. You can inform them about your sustainable policies and create an image of a company which takes CSR activities very seriously. The content should be shareable and create memories.
Advantages: Live streaming can give a instant information to your consumers of your policies. The live streaming and the storyline connect with the youth instantly.
Disadvantages: There could be spamming and abuse which has to be immediately reviewed. The negative feedback and comments have to be frequently reviewed or suitably handled. The cases of cyberbullying and hacking have to be taken care regularly.
The above strategies build a storyline around the brand Wal-Mart and add value to its image with an informal discussion, chatting, engaging and updating consumers on their positive sustainable policies. The initiatives taken by the brand will be brought to their notice without making it sound like news or an article. It will also encourage feedback and generate information on future initiatives planned.

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