Why is the Beach Cool

Published: 2021-08-19 18:05:07
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The sand is so soft, and the waves are so calming and it sunny. And the tall palm trees everywhere make you feel like you are in paradise. But there is only one day left of vacation. Tomorrow we leave Florida and go back home. I don’t want to go home, I want to stay forever and go to the beach every day. I don’t like the ride home because I know I might not be back for a while, and school starts in a couple of weeks. And I will have to go shopping for new school clothes.
We get up in the morning and eat breakfast at the hotel and we get dressed to go to the beach. Of course, my brother hogs the bathroom for an hour so we are not out the door until eleven o’clock in the morning. We got in the car to go to the beach and we drove for about half an hour. When we finally got there, we unpacked all of the towels, chairs, and umbrellas from the car and we walk to the beach to set up. When we set up, it is hot and we all want to go to the ocean, but we have to put sunscreen on. We put sunscreen on and go into the ocean. The water is warm, so we go in right away, and we swim out from the shore a little bit. We play games and take breaks for snacks and to dry off. Many hours later, it is time for dinner. We take turns in the shower, and we put on clothes to go out to eat for dinner. None of us can decide what we want to eat for dinner. My parents always say “I don’t care, where do you want to eat?” We eventually decide to get some pizza and we bring it back to the hotel room.
We eat our pizza in the hotel room while watching TV on the hotel TV. We play some card games for an hour and we are all tired, so we sit down and watch TV for a little bit. We decide it is time for bed because we have a long drive tomorrow, so we take turns brushing our teeth and head off to bed. And while I am waiting to brush my teeth, I take a walk out of the room. And I look at the window to the right of the window and I look at the beautiful view. All the palm trees and the sun is still barley up and the grass is green. I stare out of the window for quite a while, staring at the scenery until my mom calls me to brush my teeth. I think about everything I did that day. “Maybe next year,” I say as I leave the window.

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