Why do i Love Thanksgiving so Much?

Published: 2021-07-17 09:15:05
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It is the most wonderful time of year! The weather becomes cooler, fuzzy socks come out, delicious, warm meals are prepared, many holidays to celebrate. But within the last 3 months of the year, we are given a lot of holidays, comes the debate and war of when things are allowed and what should wait until the appropriate moment in time. This is especially true with Christmas music in November as it has become the biggest debate among many. I have heard many people state and express that listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving takes away from the holiday that focuses so much on gratitude. To them, Christmas music pushes the day of thanks right out the door, as if we’re skipping over it and forgetting that it exists. I don’t believe that is the case and that Christmas music can help strengthen the Thanksgiving spirit.
I love Thanksgiving for more reasons than just then stuffing my face with delicious food and the Macys day parade. I feel that Thanksgiving is a fantastic way to kickstart the Christmas season. We start of by being grateful for what we have and what is around us and a little less than 30 days later we have the opportunity to give of what we have and spread love. Doesn’t that sound like two holidays cut from the same cloth?
Since I was a wee lass, I remember the Thanksgiving vs. Christmas war. It happens every year, especially in my family. Articles are posted on social media, comments and snarky remarks are made, and opinions are shared with much debate. But why does music have to be a debate or a war? Can’t Santa and the Pilgrims get along? Can’t both holidays work together to create two months of gratitude, kindness, generosity, love, and friendship, instead of a week here and week there that are completely disjointed?
I am an zealous Christmas-music listener, starting the day after Halloween and sometimes earlier than that due to upcoming Christmas choir concerts I participate in. This is not because I don’t like Thanksgiving (for those who’ve accused me of such), but because of the messages and feelings presented in the songs. I have never heard a Christmas song that talks about beer, sex or shooting up something with a 95 caliber. I have never heard a Christmas song that literally screams Merry Christmas in my ear on the radio.
The songs I know and love, talk about being home with family, enjoying the weather, believing in yourself, believing in something good, having fun with friends and loved ones, getting cozy by the fire with someone you love, looking at beautiful lights on the trees, worshiping God and Jesus Christ, hoping the best for humanity, giving to others, kindness regardless of age, children waiting for something exciting to happen, and peace on earth.
I will admit that I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas, Santa Baby, and now the infamous Let it Go from the film, Frozen, are a little focused on personal desires, but I feel confident in saying that Christmas music is more wholesome and invite the spirit more than any other music that’s played on the radio or streaming music service at any other time during the year.
If you want to put off that type of message until after Thanksgiving just to celebrate Thanksgiving’s memory, then go ahead. But I’ll say this: If anything, Christmas music helps me be more thankful for the things that matter most and therefore help me have a more meaningful Thanksgiving. The debate between Thanksgiving and Christmas music before the November holiday has been waged by people, yet I believe that the one perfect person who existed on this earth, would want us to take advantage of both holidays and make them go head to head on their significant importance, but that they are two holidays focused on the good and light of this darkening world.
I want my world to be full of light, love and a constant reminder to be a charitable and Christlike to all walks of life. Christmas music helps me to be better and a constant reminder to be thankful for all that I have. Christmas music helps me focus on the real meaning of this time year and who I am trying to be like and teach my kid by example who to be as well.

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