Unemployment has Negative Effects on Society

Published: 2021-07-28 09:15:07
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The most significant challenge that my nation face is the youth unemployment, these past years there has been high rate of unemployment in Kurdistan region of Iraq which led to social and economic issues in the community as a whole. It causes direct effect on the growth of the financial system. The government lack of resources or plan to deal with the problem became a factor that the rate increased so the people had look for other alternate to secure works like the Private sectors but they only hire a steady number of employers unfortunately it could not solve the high demand of jobs and Most importantly higher standard of recruitment could not be achieved by graduates because the system cannot provide the obligation and experience that is require from cooperation.
The recent increase has led to crime rates rise as people are unable to meet their needs through work which one case that stuck to my head was one father could not afford Milk and diaper to his child so he stole them but in ended getting a heavy sentence, the social issues like Divorce rates has been increase and the rate of homelessness rises which once a while I see reports on my local news channels like the most recent case that happened on November in my city Sulaymaniyah which family of four members could not afford rent are now living in tent in the street (NRT Report 18/11/2018). There has been a lot situation but the most personal to me came when my older sister graduated could not land a job in Government or Private sectors all the qualification was high and require work experience, she even could not get internships or volunteering because they did not provide these sort of chances and I saw her going through the most despairing stage and negative effect had on our family but after so many years of trying hard she would able to get a job in a different city. There are serval causes for unemployment today, one major factor was the ISIS war happening in the area in addition our economy heavily relies on oil which the other sectors left unimproved.
In conclusion unemployment create negative effects on society in term of social and country development so first the government need acknowledge on the issue and start immediate action to make new policies and expand capital projects like new roads, constructions of new major infrastructural projects which can become a platform in creation of more jobs to income generation and the future ones. Government should take proper steps in investment decisions and improve the current sectors, crucially give proper recruitment, training and development to increase the capabilities of employees as result to enhance their skills and shows great performance. It is on individual responsibility to initiation to reducing unemployment because we have to take steps to overcome this problem. An individual has to increase their capabilities and participate in proper counseling and training sessions to improve their performance levels and their skills. It is necessary to take care of their health mentally and physically. Personally the most important thing I could do which is to address the issue in every way possible and support people that are needed encouragement also give professional help if I can on their perspective career.

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