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Published: 2021-07-08 09:45:04
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1. Trader Joe’s is a multi- billion dollar national chain through its ability to find cheap real state, store brands and smartly management practices. The company always encourage friendly, customer orientated employees who are ambitious and adventurous enjoy smiling and have strong sense of values. Each employee is encouraged to taste and learn about the products and to engage customer to share what they experienced. Trader Joe’s philosophy for their success is “HAPPY EMPLOYEES MAKE FOR HAPPY CUSTOMER’S. The company encourage multitasking, it is not unusual for store manager to sweep floor, stock shelves and run the register when needed. Company also encourages young teens who are working as part time and collecting money for their colleges. If we compare Trader Joe’s wages to other grocery stores, they pay 30% more to their employees. The simple reason lies is that Trader Joe’s knows that people looking for a new job look for money, but pay is not why employees generally remain with an organization. At Trader Joe’s, employees feel that they are taken care of and there is nothing to stop giving 100% of their abilities. 2. It is an old saying who is captain of the ship? Manager is always taken as the captain of the whole entire crew. Trader Joe’s always work on this theory so their managers are highly professional customer satisfaction experts, ambassadors, food tasters, personnel specialist, merchandisers, problem solvers and community volunteers. The management process work in the simple formula of planning, organizing, leading and controlling which sets clear rules for all the employees working in the company. Traders Joe’s offer their manager round six figure pay which is a biggest attraction among all others. Moreover Company’s non-union policy gives the management to lead their crew in more organized manner, controlling and monitoring everyone performance and taking immediate actions as necessary. 3. Trader Joe’s knows that the stock of competence, knowledge and personality attributes embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value. The Company is well known for treating employees with the measure of respect and dignity. Everyone come up with new ideas all of which are taken very seriously and often acted upon. Clearly the chain sees its own people as a way to build brand recognition for the store. The attitude within the corporate office is that the people it hires, trains and promotes are just an important as the low prices and products it carries. Trader Joe’s knows the importance of human capital it established a peer network in which managers talk to and work with each other on developing and implanting best practice at work. 4. Trader Joe’s always focus on a high level model of how their business receive raw materials from all over the world as input, add value to the raw material through various processes and sell the best and finished products to the customers. The Company is very famous for it’s in store brands which include wine, chocolates, cakes and bread. The unique idea of bringing all types of grocery from every ethnicity, region and culture bring all community people under one roof. It was a different concept back in those days to get grocery from Middle East, China, India and Africa, miles away from here, but this Company made this possible. The Company made a value reference model for making their products a success. The model structure work as a, 1) Research and Development 2) Design of Products, Services or Processes Production 3) Marketing and Sales 4) Distribution 5) Customer service. When they combine all these values in one product, the combine result did come out as a success. 5. Trader Joe’s blogs have at least 76% positive responses. Customers do talk about their candies, cake, chocolate and wine all the time. This Company is a big competitor of Whole food market so it’s always focuses on the organic food. These days people are using more organic products with a big campaign “BACK TO BASICS”, Trader Joe’s is actively participating in it. Trader Joe’s locations and size of the store is always a catch for the customers, the Company focus on the location so they always open at the places where need of grocery stores is indeed. In the blogs customer did praise the fact that it’s a one stop shop for whatever they need for their pantry, fridge even cleaning supplies, not to forget their prices are very low which always attack customers especially in this economy. Trader Joe’s is a big competitor of Whole food market, Kroger and Alde so it sometimes faces some issues too, like these days Company is having issues with their seafood. An association name Green-Peace wants Trader Joe’s not to sell “Redlist Fishes”, people really want to be good by the planet so do Trader Joe’s. The Company also believes in Go-Green policy so the company is putting their heads up keeping all the products which is good for the environment and they are talking about their products in the store by giving flyers and showing in store cooking demos.

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