The Life and Accomplishments of Julius Caesar

Published: 2021-07-15 12:05:06
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Hello! I am Julius Caesar. I came from one of Rome’s oldest family, the Julii, who go all the way back to Rome’s founder, Romulus, and according to myth, the goddess Venus. I was born on July 13, 100 B.C. Because I was born in a time of multiple problems in the Roman Republic, I would use these problems to advance my power. My impact on Rome was leading it to become a powerhouse in the ancient world by using different methods to rule Rome, expand my rule, territory, and popularity, and helping Rome have a good reputation some parts of the ancient world.
I maintained Marian connections restored Marius’ monuments that were dismantled under Sulla in 65 B.C. to gain a good reputation. They increased my popularity that eventually helped me look at one day being consul for 59 B.C. I made the first Roman Triumvirate, which consisted of me and two other men, Pompey and Crassus. I made the group primarily to help me reach consulship, but a secondary effect of the group was to help me rule Rome later on. The relationship between me and Pompey was strengthened when my daughter, Julia, married Pompey in 58 B.C. I also took control of Gaul, or present day France to expand the rule of the Triumvirate. Even though I had some trouble keeping it under control at first, I eventually got it under control. I made myself the first Roman dictator in an attempt to replace an useless oligarchy. I couldn’t risk another person like Pompey betraying me.
Finally, I also made an overseas expedition to Britain in 55-54 B.C. and started to conquer them, which caused excitement in Rome and accelerated my popularity. I was killed by a conspiracy of people including my best friend, Brutus, and some other people, who stabbed my to death in the Senate Chamber on March 15, 44 B.C. Just after my death, Brutus made a speech at my funeral that helped unite Rome for a small moment, but when my best friend and advisor Mark Antony spoke, he turned Rome against Brutus and the conspiracy. My death caused a civil war in Rome against the conspiracy for killing me. Brutus and one of his friends from the conspiracy, Cassius, fought against Mark Antony, and my grandnephew, Octavian. Octavian would make a second Triumvirate. At the end of all of it, Cassius committed suicide as he thought that they were going to lose and Brutus did the same shortly after. My grandnephew, Octavian, succeeded me as ruler of Rome. That is what I, Julius Caesar did during my lifetime and how I impacted Rome.

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