The Grading System is Bad

Published: 2021-07-07 12:45:04
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The Grading System is Bad by Kok Hiew Lam of AL2 Students who get A’s, couldn’t apply the knowledge and yet, ‘on paper’ still look more educated than the student who earned failing grades and even if the student could apply the knowledge. Generally speaking, grades do not accurately indicate how much a student has learned in a class. Assessments too should be based on real world application of the knowledge and skills, rather than how well students can memorize information and answer questions on a test. Ways to demonstrate knowledge gained is by grades. On paper this seems to be an awesome idea to be able to put an exact symbol to demonstrate a student’s development. But does the grading system help our students? No, as there are several reasons why the grading system should be eliminated. The grading system does very little now, but creates competition, stress, and loss of innocence. This is because when students are graded, students tend to compare among their friends. Weak students get depressed when being reprimanded by their teachers. On the other hand, stronger students are at constant pressure to strive even harder although they are no longer capable, just to impress those around them. Students are also a victim by parents whom often forget that all children have the different capabilities, they push their children off the limits thus causes children to be stressed out just to meet their parent’s requirements. When students are stress, their self esteem is low. When this happens, it does NOT encourage the student to work hard but causes them to give up instead! Think twice, should the education authorities really enforce competition among children? In addition, the grading system does not encourage students to study for the pursuit of knowledge. By nature, most of us are curious and inquisitive. In school, we are educated out of that curiosity because the grading system focuses off the educational process, and only on the final grading result. With the emphasis purely on grades, students are encouraged to learn just for the sake of grades, are naturally less enthusiastic about the subject, and as a result are less interested in learning for the pursuit of knowledge. What is the aim of schooling if the emphasis is no longer on knowledge? Yes, all of us agree that the grading system encourages competition among students to compete with each other to strive as the “Top Student”. Hence, students are more motivated to study and strive for success. But without the grading system, a more relaxed environment would be created. Some students may lose motivation, but others might gain motivation. If rewards are implemented instead of symbols, students may find school easier and more enjoyable. Students who are more comfortable with their lives, learn more easily. By, eliminating a large source of stress such as competition, it will NOT only improve children’s education, BUT their lives. As a conclusion, if students are assessed on their proficiency or mastery of a subject, it is fairer. Like any tool, the grading system has its flaws and can be manipulated by the invigilators. These days, most companies don’t even care about grades as they are only interested in capabilities. Grades are overrated. Last but not least, if the emphasis was put on the aspect of trying our best, to learn our best, and be excited about learning, then education would improve.

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