The Association between Social Stigma and Homosexuality Amongst Adolescents

Published: 2021-08-06 12:40:07
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In the current world, sensitivity of homosexuality among the adolescent and partially among young adults, plays an imperative part in the downgrading and stigmatization of those involved in homosexuality. Social stigmatization consists of various aspects depending by the nature of the society. In respect to homosexuality amongst adolescent or teens, there is a dire need to understand how they get into it and the reason behind it. This article seeks to show the results that have been achieved from a study that has been carried out to determine whether adolescent with gay sexual orientation still face pressure from the society when they come out and tell the world who they are. In a society where Conservatism is dissipating, and people now are liberal, are the adolescents still dealing with prejudice and bigotry? The study will also reveal whether the support offered by the LGBT community can be accessed or is sufficient for adolescent homosexuals to help them be socially productive. In addition, the study will show the scale of how social the gay adolescents are compared with their fellows who are of a straight sexual orientation. The main aim of the research is to come up with a better understanding of the knowledge that will change the perception of people in the society towards those involved in homosexuality.

Social stigma refers to as extreme disconnect with people or group on social characteristic on group that are perceived different from others. According to Kimmel (2013), in every society, people with distinctive characteristics, in this case, gay and lesbians are stigmatized by others to an extreme no one wants to relate with them. The research will aim to study how these individual stigmatized tend to live and how they survive with the rest in society. It is agreeable that most young people are involved in homosexuality throughout the globe and it’s our role as scholars to develop this knowledge to impact the people on how and when to judge others according to their deeds. Mostly the passage of knowledge to both affected and infected would go a long way in teaching those involved the important of change so that they can be accepted back by the society. This aspect will address the social problems such lack of understanding in the community today and find a solution to stigmatization pertinent among people. This research will provide the best understanding to people of the association of stigma and homosexuality amongst our youth.
Social Stigma
Adolescent Sexuality
Adolescence is the one phase of life that is characterized by tremendous change in one’s body and mind. Therefore, the research will incorporate knowledge and ideas from scholarly works that have been peer reviewed. According to Almeida et. Al., (2009), adolescence is a phase emotion that tends to control the character of the young men and women in that age bracket. More Coleman and Remafedi (2009) concluded in their research that such a moment is the time when sexual thoughts and attraction begin to present themselves. Dealing with change could be thorny especially since the problem is furthered by inexperience and early age. The major development in this stage is identity (Hetrick & Martin, 2017). This stage is affected positively or negatively by social interactions which basically is one’s family and the friends one hangs out with. In his research, Malyon (2011) discovered that adolescents who come to realize that their sexual orientation is contra from the majority might withdraw and isolate themselves for fear of being judged. This isolation could bring adverse consequences to the victims since it is characterized with failure to express oneself which results to emotional draining. Adolescents homosexuals might be attacked, discriminated upon and face other forms of abuse. However, there are some gay adolescents who receive support from families and hence can lead a normal life.
An article by Telljohann and Price (2013) describes how homosexuality as an identity develops with time. In the initial stages one realizes that they are different from their mates and this analogy comes with the confusion and uncertainty. In this stage, the victims are still trying to figure their stance regarding sexuality. Lastly, there comes the stage where they fully accept and come out and develop mechanisms of survival which is largely determined by how the society they live in perceive them.
Method ( Change this around and add participants and change the procedure)
The research will gather information for analysis from past research and then incorporate real time responses by conducting various interviews with professional counselors. The main aim of taking this quantitative approach is to understand the views behind the existent of social stigmatization of the cases exist. The respondents will give their opinion on how we could end stigmatization. The interviewees will be guided on the motive of the research and the interviewer will seek to understand the reason homosexuals have a different sexual orientation. Questionnaires with questions answering whether there is still discrimination of adolescent homosexual in this and age and the challenges facing them will be distributed to young people in the streets for filling.
One thing that could help ease the collision between different sexual orientation is the availability of knowledge and support to the affected people. Therefore, this research will bridge the knowledge gap that exists between these support groups and the findings will make people going through the same trauma have enough courage to stand tall in the society. It can be understood that support groups cater for two diverse groups; groups for the homosexuals themselves which help them adapt to the change happening to them and those for the families and friends of homosexual. An example would be that of parents of a homosexual youth who no longer know how to deal with him or her. In that case, the research will provide an obvious way on how to teach such families how to accept the situation and treat their gay family member.
From the study we learn that Homosexuality is in the present embraced however it is still a contentious issue. Studies have shown most cases of homosexuality are contributed by hormonal issues which has led to some bigots going easy on homosexuals, but this has not entirely changed everyone’s attitude. The society needs to learn more facts concerning homosexuality and make amends. It also implies that it is upon all people to realize that looking down upon the members of marginalized groups will not help solve any of the existing social problems but will only aggravate them. It is agreeable that most young people are involved in homosexuality throughout the globe and it’s our role as scholars to develop this knowledge to impact the people how and when to judge others according to their deeds. Mostly, it is upon the society to teach those involved the important of change so that they can be accepted back by the society.

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