Symbolism in the Rocking Horse Winner Novel

Published: 2021-08-07 22:00:07
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The love of a mother proves to be fundamental in the foundation of a person. This proves to be true in the story The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H Lawrence when a reader is divulged in a story where motivation and symbolism is used to characterize a person that grew up trying to obtain the love of his mother. With whispers from the house and rocking of his horse he continues In pursuit to buy the love of his mother which eventually leads to constant dissatisfaction in life and a drive for materialistic things that result in hoax happiness.
        There are monsters that haunt the bottom of children’s beds. In this this case it was the house itself that proved to torment the children that lived in it. The monster that was created by insatiable greed and frustratingly expensive way of living they cannot afford. A mother planted a seed in the mind of her child almost unknownst to her. A seed that grew and caused Paul to chase after the money his mother desires in order to satisfy her greed. In the beginning there was an unnatural iceiness about her life as a mother. The dramatic Irony is that this beautiful kid will never know that his mother is incapable of loving anyone else aid of her.Who doesn’t love her kids? Whether they were ready for one or not, that love is there. Not this mother though. She held appearances but they all knew.
When they talked about how luck is what causes people to have money paul describes how even when they were talking she was hiding something from him. IN the beginning her point of view was stated about how she felt when talking to her kids. She claims that she felt she must cover up some fault in herself which clearly ended up being the fact that she is only able to love herself. The whispering greed that infected the house was a constant reminder that he will never be a perfectly functional adult that understand what truly matters in life. The fact that when he obtained the money for her she only spent it on shallow and useless things demonstrates the selfishness. This affected me negatively because in his heart his motivation to obtain the love of his mother has wavered, therefore only bringing him to loss. Proving that the whispering of the house is a symbol that gives way to who paul is and what motivates him.
        This story proves how scary a sad reality is. No one can actually blame anyone for denying to see what actually was the problem. The mother would never accept that she lives a miserable life and the son will never accept that his is efforts to be loved by his mother is useless and a waste of time. This toy, this rocking chair is incapable of taking him place. It represents that no matter how much he rocks and how much he rides, he will never go anywhere besides back in forth. In the same matter he will bet his bets, win and lose his money, and yet his relationship with his mother will never change.
        Symbolism is such a beautiful thing. It gives deeper insight into the abstract ideas of life itself. In The Rocking Horse Winner a deep and sad reality was demonstrated to be true when a mother unable to love and a son haunted by her greed and motivated by his desire for her non existent love was shown sing motivation and symbolism.

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