Steroids to Enhance the User’s Ability

Published: 2021-08-06 15:10:11
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Steroids are a drug used to enhance a steroid user’s ability to perform a task, such as sports, lifting, or any physical activity. Steroids are a human made but some time from an animal or plants so they are natural. Steroids started back in the 1820’s when they were tested on cockroaches. They are taken orally, injections and patches.
The History of Steroids, in 1849 a scientist named Berthold did an experiment on cockroaches to test the development of male sexual characteristics. Then later in 1929 they were tested on Bull’s testicles. A couple years later they tested during World War two there was evidence of Nazi’s giving malnourished soldiers Steroids. It wasn’t until 1954 till they found athlete’s using anabolic Steroids during the Olympics; it was not until 1975 when the Olympic committee banned Steroid use.
Steroids have a lot of common nicknames Steroid users call them, common nicknames include, Gym Candy, Pumpers, Roids, Stackers, Juice. Steroids can do a lot for the body. The Steroid user will experience rapid muscle growth and decrease in body fat. If the user has swelling the swelling will decrease while taking Steroids. The user will experience enhanced performance in any sport related activity.
While taking Steroids for a short amount of time the user will have an increase in acne, mood swings, trouble sleeping, Decrease in sperm count and appetite. Over a long period of time Steroid use the user can experience liver disease and malfunctions in the heart, kidneys, and liver.
People take steroids so they can have sport advantages, they want an increase in muscle mass, or they want to lose weight. Users can take the drug orally, injection through a needle, cream, gel, and patches. The user will notice effects of Steroids twelve to fourteen hours after taking the drug. After a couple of days, the drug will be at its peak, but sometime it will take a few months for the drug to kick in before the user notices any effects.
Steroids are mostly a human made drug but can be found in some plant and animal cells. Steroids are used to enhance the user’s ability to perform in any physical task. The first known use of steroids was in the 1820’s on cockroaches to test male sexual characteristics. The user can take the drug orally, injections, gel, or patches. This drug may seem good at first because the user looks bigger in muscle mass and leaner but the user will experience a lot of problems if they choose to take Steroids for a longer period pf time.

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