Short Story Analysis of “The Lottery”

Published: 2021-08-11 21:15:05
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Tradition is very necessary because it introduce our own culture. It is a strong believe what we would like to maintain and would like to follow in our society. Each and every society would like to follow some of their cultural rituals. According to the short stories, the lottery byShirley Jackson describes in her stories, how rituals affect whole village and can cause of loosing people life. In the stories, villagers believe following rituals is more important than their own life. However, following any society some kind of blind trust rituals if risk for people life; people should stop following that kind of rituals because from that way, it destroy whole society, environment and people forget their morality as well.Following some kind of blind trust rituals affects whole society. More simply, people would like to take life risk because it is a ritual. For example, according to, the lottery by ShirleyJackson describes in her one village stories where population is very limited and every year this village one certain time one person bring black wooden box and start draw in lottery. This is one kind of rituals in this village, and they are following it year after year without complain.
When we hear lottery, we feel like something good, prize that’s automatically coming in our mind and people would like to exited that’s the normal. However, in this story the lottery is not the as usual lottery; when start drawn lottery people are quit, nervous because this lottery can not bring any happiness; it gives people one kind of punishment, and the punishment is having to be die.Form the text, Although the villagers had forgotten the ritual and lost the original black box,they still remembered to use stones. In other words, the village society is like self-absorbed and negative minded. They show up they are care about each other but when who got the lottery society those people never forget to hurt that person with in stone. Because villagers believe that’s the rituals and that’s very normal. Thus, following this type of blind trust ritual is more important than humanity for villagers which is affects whole society very badly.Blind trust some kind of rituals not only affects whole society but also it harms whole environment. For example, the lottery this is the story is related to the village and village society.
Following rituals which is draw in lottery every year it creates a violence and affects whole society environment. From the journal, Arbitrary condemnation and sanctioned violence in Shirley Jackson’s the lottery by Patrick j. shields describes,this article will discuss current issues surrounding the administration of capital punishment in the U.S with insights from Shirley Jackson’s the lottery the story itself shows the atavistic nature lurking beneath human kind’s civilized surface and leads the reader to examine such notions as scapegoating ritual cleansing, gender, class structure, arbitrary condemnation and sanctioned violence. In this story Jackson present’s, us with glimpse human kinds past and brings the reader to question the justification and use of capital punishment in our culture.
More simply, writer describes recent issues capital punishment in the U.S writer also describes the lottery short stories Shirley Jackson showing how ritual cleansing, gender, class structure. How every year lottery drawn creates a violence in this village. Writer try to bring the attention the reader rationalization and capital punishment in our culture. How it badly affects whole society and environment. Villagers believe that’s the rituals so they respect and follow it.However, in this story the lottery writer gives a big message which is how some society people blind trust some kind of ritual and following that rituals people suffer with in life risk.Following some kind of blind trust ritual impact not only society and environment; it affects people morality. In other words, people forget what is the difference between good or bad and right or wrong. Following ritual is good until it is not harm any society but if blind trust some of rituals can cause of loosing people morality; those societies should stop continue following those type of rituals. In particular, according to the stories, the lottery by Shirley Jackson gives a big message through in this story. In this story the lottery we can see Tessie Hutchinson got the lottery and villagers got ready to hit within stone. She said, it isn’t fair. Within her sentence writer brings a good example following blind trust rituals how villagers forget their morality.
Tessie got the lottery is this her fault? Or what crime she did? Jackson describes in her story, one big tragedy with in the lottery and this tragedy innocent victim is Tessie. Every year in this small village one person must victim for carrying their rituals. Writer show her story, following some kind of blind trust rituals how society people forget their humanity. Carrying rituals is more valuable than one-person life. Therefore, within this story Jackson gives a message about blind truest rituals following how it affects society, environment and society forget morality.In conclusion, following tradition is important because it belongs to our culture. Every society would like to follow their tradition or rituals. However, some society following some of rituals can risk of people life. According to the lottery by Shirley Jackson’s gives a big message through in her story. How following rituals harm village society. In her story, she gives a good example of one society where carrying rituals is more necessary than people life.Therefore, following any society some kind of blind trust rituals if risk for people life; people should stop following that kind of rituals because it harms whole society, environment andpeople forget their morality as well.

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