Romeo and Juliet Love

Published: 2021-08-23 21:25:06
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What is you truly loved somebody, but your family hated their family? Would you side with the love of your life or would you side with your family. Would you do anything to be with the person that you love. In the book Romeo and Juliet the two kids were in the love with each other, but their families the Montagues and the Capulets hated one another. Romeo and Juliet loved the other one too much and didn’t want to live without each other. So instead of being apart they decided to committed suicide in order to be together.
The book never says why the Montagues and the Capulets hate each other. All we know is a like long feud that nobody told Romeo or Juliet. The only thing that they knew was that they were supposed to hate the other family. If the families were to see eachother there would be a fight in some kind of way. Everyone in the town knew and the families hating each other. It had gone on for so long the the prince of the town said whoever states another fight it to be put to death. After the prince put the ruling out the Capulets through this huge party. The only way that you could get in was if you received an invite from the family. Romeo and his cousin , Benvolio, decided to sneak into the party anyways. When they got into the party they separated. Romeo and juliet look at eachother and fell in love. They didn’t know who the other person was until they look their disguise off. One the found of they would sneak and see each other almost everyday. The maid of the capulets would help juliet go see Romeo.
Before the prince put out the ruling of if the kill or again they would be put to death ,Tybalt killed romero’s first cousin. Romeo alway wanted to get Tybalt back for the murder but he never got a chance. One evening Romeo and his friends were walking and they seen Tybalt and his friends. Automatically Romeo was ready to fight him. His friends were trying to talk him down because of the new rule but romero didn’t care, Tybalt and Romeo pulled their swords out and began to fight. Romeo killed Tybalt and wen on the run. The prince heard about the fight and told the people that they needed to find romeo, since he started the fight and needed to be put to dealth. The prince went to the montagues house and said romeo was exiled from verona, but if was to return he would be killed. Romeo didn’t want to leave because he wanted to be juliet. So romeo went to Friar Laurence cell. Romano said that he wasnt going to leave without juliet so they two made a plan. Friar Lawrence made a sleeping position and gave it to the nurse to give to juliet. Juliet takes the position and goes into a deep sleep. The capulets find tier daughter dead and plan her a funeral. After the funeral romeo goes to the tomb to see juliet but Paris was there so Romeo kills paris. As Paris was dying he asked to be laid by Juliet body. Romeo agreed with this and carried his body in and lays him by Juliet. As romeo looks at Juliet he takes the potion the he stole from Friar Laurence that will kill him. Juliet wakes us and sees the bottle in Romeo hand and she tried to kiss him to get some of the potion off his lips to kill herself but it wasn’t enough potion so she takes a knife out of Romeo’s belt and stabs herself. When the family find the body of their kids, the decide to end the family feud and burry Romeo and juliet together.
I asked at the beginning what would you do if you wanted to be with your true love but your family couldn’t get along. Well in the case Romeo and Juliet family couldn’t get passed the hate for each other to let their kids be together so Romeo and Juliet committed suicide so that they would finally be able to be happy with each other.

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