Relationship of George and Lennie, Curley and Curley’s Wife

Published: 2021-08-27 03:40:07
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George and Lennie have a peculiar relationship with each other. In their relationship, they are loyal, hopeful and can sometimes be a burden to each other. George feels frustrated sometimes because Lennie is mentally delayed and he doesn’t know his own strength which can be helpful sometimes but other times can worsen situations. He’s really strong which helps with the desire to want a person who has strong strength on a farm to do the labor as stated by George about Lennie, “I’ll say he’s a God, good worker”.
Yet he has the inability to control it, ending up hurting others. Lennie squizzed the mouse’s head after the mouse bites him, but Lennie didn’t know that he was pinching too hard and killed the mouse. George is quite an intelligent man which is burdened with his companion, but he seeks to take care and watch after him. He is also protective of Lennie after an incident when Lennie almost drowned. He also sprung back at Slim for calling Lennie a cuckoo, “He ain’t no cuckoo”. They also plan to be together for a long time having a plan to build a little farm and own a house together, “We’re gonna have a garden”, “We gonna own a house”.
Furthermore, George and Lennie have a tight bond with each other that contrasts with the other relationships showing that the others don’t have that well of a bond as them. Yet the others do have relationships, they’re not as strong as George and Lennie’s friendship. George and Lennie have a bond that will last forever. They care and indulge in each other. They already have a plan for the future to own a house together that contains rabbits and a garden. This shows that they have a mindset of being together in the future and they’re planning on what their life will be then.
The relationship between Curley and Curley’s wife is unstable and is lacking love, communication, and respect. They have a very toxic relationship. Curley’s wife feels lonely and isolated in her relationship, she feels unneeded and she craves the attention that Curley does not provide her. To get the attention she wants, she emphasizes in a sexual manner to the other men by wearing ravishing and revealing clothes and products, “She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red”. Curley’s wife seems to be treated as an object or possession by Curley, “you seen a girl around here, he demanded angrily”, also, “Go back home”. Curley is a very demanding and aggressive man.
The relationship is lacking communication. Curley and Curley’s wife are not very acknowledgeable about what the other cares for. Curley does not know what to give to his wife, attention. Curley’s wife is not providing what Curley may want. There isn’t much love in their relationship either. If Curly’s wife really loved Curley she wouldn’t be trying to manipulate and be sexual with the other men on the ranch. “She’s a tart”, emphasizes the fact that she is trying really hard to look pretty and is wanting to get with the other men due to the fact that Curly isn’t giving to her what she desires. The only reason Curley’s wife is with him is that she did not get the letter from the man who told her that he would bring her to Hollywood to become an actress. It was also a way to leave her mother. She believed her “o’l’lady stole it”, which made Curley’s wife resentful.

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