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Published: 2021-08-10 22:20:07
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Before start this, I want to say that I have red about our society, business and environment in my bachelors degree that was Bachelor of Business Administration through out the whole three years but with the different subject names like Business environment, organization behavior, Managing across culture, Management information system and so on. I always have a keen interest in this field and I heared that I have a subject name as Business, society and planet, I felt electrified and start gaining information about this subject. Firstly our lecturer told us about the subject and he said that your first assignment is on week 5. I felt happy because am from business background which encourage me to think more about our surrounding.
I analysed that every lecture given by my lecturer and get others things from model. Business and environment all linked with each other so to build out sustainability in businesses or in environment its important to not being environmentally unfriendly or over use natural resources and thereby support long run ecological balance. Moreover, it is essential that we need healthy community as well as fresh air to breath, fresh water to drink and fresh food to eat also good space to live. In simple words we need a nontoxic environment to survive. So, to get a good environment every organization have to make their policies and take their decisions with better planning and also implementing those plans in order to main sustainability. Sustainabilty development means take care and proper use of present resources in that way which woula not harm the upcoming generation to meet their basic needs.
I also analysed how six type of different capital aid the business. Our professor also showed and explain about these capital. Afterv that I also do research on it that in which ways any organization is contributing and depleting these form of capital and in what terms the business measures and adot some strategies to solve such impacts.Bob willard’s seven benefits of sustainable business helps the business to make good history around the globe by introducing sustainable practices.
The six phase model of dunphy on sustainable scale also talks about the health of business in relation to lust. This determines the consistency of the organization’s position in managing people and the environment. This eliminates the problem of preventing corporation. I had a lecture that surprised me. I realized that my good life destroyed the earth, as we know it. I am a vegetarian and I only need half of the country to continue my good life. Therefore, we must respect and pay attention to where the good life begins. True strength is the concept of the stick. I explain the concept of sustainability through practical examples related to my previous experience.
Most people are unstable due to the lack of water because they belong to india, Punjab. The main reason for the shortage of water is the use of water for population, every day life and irrigation. Global warming causes water shortage. The river turns in deserts because there is no water. Therefore, people and farmers are running out of water. The only way people and farmers can use and irrigation system is to install a tube generator and an irrigation pump in the house. This decision is not easy. The water level is so low that it costs alot. They offered 400 to 600 feet to the floor. The next problem is the large of power neede to run a pipe line that generats high bills that do not help farmers. They blamed the government and believe that they will reduce the expense and produce much electricity.

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