Psychoanalytic Review of Breakfast Club

Published: 2021-08-26 16:45:05
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The breakfast Club is a motion picture movie that highlights five understudies in a secondary school. The setting happens at the Shermer Secondary School on Saturday morning. Four of the understudies were required to come as a discipline of their bad behaviors, be that as it may, the fifth understudy came in based on off the fact that she “didn’t have anything to do”. They will be appointed to compose an exposition about their identity however rather they’ll set out on a voyage of knowing one another. And finally, out of the five understudies, Andrew Clarke is the athlete, Allison Reynolds is the crazy person, Claire Standish is the princess, Bryan Johnson is the smart one and John Bender is the criminal.Through the investigation of the characters I pick, their back story activities and considerations showed through the plot of the film, are obvious that they all have an alternate and one of a kind harmony between the three parts of brain in Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic hypothesis just as other key factors that influence the character’s identity. Out of these five students, I will be doing a psychoanalytic study or character focus, on John Bender and Allison Reynolds.
The first character focus will be on John Bender, the the ‘criminal’ of the five teenagers. Upon first glance, Bender seems to be the average high school ‘bad boy’ getting his position in this specific detention for pulling a false fire alarm . This gives viewers the idea that his character does whatever he can for attention. Bender also has a tendency to say and thing a negative reaction out of a person, by insulting and antagonising every character in the film. By applying B. F. Skinner’s theory of personality, and Sigmund Freud’s three components of mind, there can be a better psychological understanding of Bender’s personality. In behavioural theorist B. F. Skinner’s point of view; a person’s identity advancement is affected by their condition and related involvements. Skinner recommended that the advancement of a person’s identity is to a great extent dependant in transit in which critical grown-ups in their lives would remunerate or rebuff then over the span of their adolescence. Consequently, kids and young people raised by harsh and forceful guardians are increasingly disposed to likewise wind up forceful and antagonistic towards their companions. Throughout The Breakfast Club there are multiple scenes that express the negative home life in which Bender is being raised and how t is influencing his personality In a specific scene according to Bender his father called him “stupid, worthless, no good, goddamn, freeloading son of a bitch. Retarded, big mouth, know-it-all, asshole, jerk” then Bender imitates a previous heated discussion between him and his father and then Bender acts out getting punched in the face by his father as a punishment for him answering back. This would justify Bender’s aggressive personality towards the other students. And finally according to Freud’s theory, it is possible that Bender finds comfort in giving himself more detentions purposely. This is a way that he can spend more time with Vernon, the principal because he sees him as a father figure and can hopefully reenact a father son relationship by impressing him this time while trying to have a better relationship. Bender also likes to joke a lot and according to Freud, this is his way of expressing repressed sexual desires and hostile tendencies. Bender’s three components of psychic apparatus can further explain his personality as well. With his Id, he cares about himself and desires are to get in Claire’s nerves, to do drugs, and break rules and regulations. His Ego is that although he gets on Claire’s nerves and dislikes her, he still finds a way to give her meaningful advice. He also gets himself into trouble so everyone else doesn’t have to. And finally his Superego, he realizes right from wrong and doesn’t want to allow himself to be like his father. I think Bender should cope with his issues by seeing a Psychodynamic therapist. I recommend this to him because these therapist go in depth m because the main objective is to dive in the deep to know the unconscious processes that are the main origin of a patient’s problems. Personally I wouldn’t be friends with Bender because he just brings so much bad energy around and I don’t like his attitude because I’m a calm respectful person.
Now my second and last character focus is on the basket case girl who just came to the detention because she didn’t have anything to do, Allison Reynolds. Allison is unusual. She characterizes herself as a urgent liar and is by all accounts a compulsive thief since she takes things, similar to Bender’s switchblade and lock. Allison is additionally disregarded by her family which has made her be a self observer since she feels that no one will acknowledge her, so she minds her own business. To get deeper into this, I can psychoanalyze her identity crisis in means of nature vs nurture and defense mechanisms she shows. The first, nature versus nurture, which involves whether one’s behavior is determined by the environment they grew up in during their life or by a their genes. Nature vs Nurture in her life is her being ignored at home and they makes her develop a character through her world experiences. She wants consideration in confinement, the consideration that she needs at home. She likewise takes stuff to make individuals think she is something she isn’t and even influence individuals to trust she will flee. Presently, the two defense mechanisms m she demonstrates that can clarify her character emergency are denial and repression. With denial, she’s peaceful and abstains from talking about her own life. She continually makes up misleads conceal reality. She went to confinement for reasons unknown, well really on the grounds that she gets no affection at home and is exhausted. With repression , she doesn’t discuss why she is in confinement and her home issues and she lies a great deal. But in conclusion, in light of her encounters, Allison is scanning for a feeling of having a place. Her illustrations give implies that she needs to escape from her battles to a more joyful spot. She’s additionally a liar in wants to get the consideration of someone who might think about her. These are instances of repression. I would personally be friends with based on her looks and her overall vibe as a person and a teenage girl.

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