Parents are the Best Teachers

Published: 2021-07-07 13:20:05
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Q. parents make the best teachers. Do you agree or disagree with the statement. Give specific reasons to justify your answer ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________ A teacher is the one who guides the child or teaches the child how to live a successful life. In my opinion this role,the role of a good teacher or a good mentor can be played perfectly by the parents becuase of the simple fact that parents love and understand their children more than anyone else. hildren are like sponge. Like sponge soak up or absorbs water,children accept ideas and perceptions from parents quickely and make up their own paradigms. As first teachers,parents can saw the seeds of peace,love,respect and happiness in the minds of their childern at a very young age. These ideas and principles forms the basis of the childs personality. One another advantage of parents as teacher is that they can easily understand their childs strengths and weakness. Children can be polished by the parents in such a way that their weakness can be made in to their strength and become winners in their life. Forgiveness is one another virtue that makes a good teacher. Because of the immense love that the parents have for their child,they can forgive their child for his or her mistakes. There are instances in the history where an antisocial element changes himself or herself into a responsible person by the constant love and affection provided by his or her mother. Experience is yet another virtue that the parents can share with their kids. The experience of their parents help the child in tackling lifes challenging situations. Since parents can watch closely the actions or deeds of their childen they can provide valueable suggessions at the exact time. In fact they can guide their children to success, which is the key responsibility of a guru or a mentor. In a nutshell Parents play a vital role in guiding their children to live a successful life. In this way parents full fill the role of the best teachers to perfection. In fact parents are first and best teachers for a child.

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