Organization Analysis Lack of Productivity in Department

Published: 2021-06-24 10:05:05
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In the current essay I will analyze a potential organizational problem in the work organization. I will analyze it in terms of Organizational behavior theories, and suggest solutions, which I can support that may impact the problem I will also make recommendations based on my research. There are different problems that the organizations face, such as Lack of productivity in a department, there is no team in the organization, there are no social benefits and improvements in the organization. Problem 1.A Lack of productivity in a department Decision:A 1.A Analyze how dialogue is held with the staff at the time of solving problems, discussing new ideas, alternative development paths.A Listen to the ideas of employees to listen to them until the end.A If you see that the vision of employee misuse, unreal – try to ask clarifying questions and clarify, through which he will receive awareness and move it to a new vision.A In any case, do not cut off once a new idea – it is the shortest path permanently kill the initiative from the team.A 2.A Check the value of the ratio of positive and negative motivation (the ratio of carrots and sticks).A If the negative outweighs – is an undesirable circumstance for an organization that in the future raises serious purpose.A Plan at least – should they call, a maximum – a positive component increased considerably.A In any case, technology is a tool of motivation so subtle that the approach it should be purely individual in each company.A And there is no single recipe.A 3.A Analyze production needs of staff, how well they are resourced.A Find out problem areas in their work.A Find out what inhibits their activity, that takes time, you have to do that to increase the efficiency and quality of work?A (Eg, an unfinished automation, lack of integrity in the technology works with the client, the inefficient interaction between departments / staff, slow down your computer, the absence of clearly defined job descriptions, etc.)A 4.A Look like you have organized the business process “Implementation of the initiative.”A What is next for this initiative staff.A What activities should be held, who will answer for them, in what period, what are the criteria to achieve goals.A Very often, the leaders listened to the initiative, after expressing its consent, simply forgets about it.Turnover absorbs the head, oversee the implementation of the initiative is lost, but the idea still remains alone.A In this situation, staff concludes “And what good new ideas, if they would still be forgotten and will not run”A 5.A The project development personnel to develop the personal competence of staff “Responsibility / attitude.”A With the help of psychological and practical measures the level of development of this competence can be improved.A However, the expression “significantly improve” is the place to be when the identity of the employee responsible for money given by nature.A Low employee productivity lack of robust initiatives to streamline its work and raising the level of professionalism, being late for work, an idle pastime in the workplace, dissatisfaction with the policy changes that take place in the company and an unwillingness to take on some responsibility for achieving the objectives of the company and other symptoms that leadA eventually to the frustration of the company’s sales and production, consumption of large amount of time resource management and mental energy to control the work of employees working with perpetual dissatisfaction, low emotional tone, even in successful employees caused permanent residency in the field of infectious virus negative, dissatisfied mind, irritationA tolerated in the private lives of both managers and other employees forced most of the time of his life in the depressed and unhealthy psychological atmosphere.A The reasons that many organizations there are similar problems in varying degree, can be divided into two large groups are illiterate company policies and quality of staff. Trainings can be aimed at raising the quality level of personnel to a higher level.A This will improve the efficiency of the staff, improve the psychological climate in the team and will enable the organization as a whole to become more efficient, the amount of time that will have to pay managers to monitor subordinates and debriefing reduced three times, the staff will be responsible attitude to their work site and they no longer blame all and sundry that they have not worked and will be expected to seek the resources they need and take active steps to improve the quality of systemic interactions with clients and within the team that will give a powerful synergy that will lead to an explosion of productivity of their work.A Employees are aware of themselves as part of the organization and take responsibility for achieving those goals, which undertook to achieve in the given timeline and will be flexibility in the selection means to achieve them.A Leadership of the company will be much easier to sell the company’s goals and focus of attention vectors staff on the priorities.A Lower the amount of absenteeism and tardiness, and every employee in your workplace will exert every effort to ensure that the least productive use of working time.A Marked results will be stable, that is a natural result of internal freedom of training participants and their release from the slave mentality of dependent thinking, through the formation of independent thinking and management skills to their thought processes, the essence of which lies in the ability to focus on the most important for increasing the productivity of the subject of attentionA during the day, the ability to identify these items and set priorities independently, the ability to put on the subjects of attention right questions and implement the results of intellectual work that primarily distinguishes the members of 21 centuries.A Even if in the training program has been extremely module independent thinking she would bring kollosalny result of the company, as employees begin to consciously monitor their thinking, no longer focus attention during working hours on family issues, personal problems and political situation in Ukraine, they are beginning to realize thatA maintaining a conversation, and showing initiative in conversation with colleagues on all matters that do not relate to work by doing so they reduce their efficiency and productivity of colleagues, participants will begin to limit the viewing time of television channels at home, and monitor other information flows, with the result that information whichA promotes awareness of the really important issues and have a positive effect on emotional well-being.A The realization of their inner values A¢â‚¬”¹A¢â‚¬”¹released kollosalny potential of the internal energy, a person begins to make informed decisions consistent with its values A¢â‚¬”¹A¢â‚¬”¹and avoids any manifestation in the acts of negative values, disappear fear do something wrong and there is inner confidence in themselves and their actions, develop self-dignity.A Man becomes strong and proactive, apart the intrinsic values A¢â‚¬”¹A¢â‚¬”¹in due course, and removing conflicting aspirations, productivity will increase by 100% instantly.A By the way the development of internal awareness of personal values A¢â‚¬”¹A¢â‚¬”¹such as “Honesty”, just change the deeds of a person if, before that, he lied to himself and closed his eyes to the fact that sitting and doing nothing at work is from that moment it will be painful to deal with inaction,A because he realizes that so deceives the company.Thanks to the development of techniques of management’s own emotions and enhance the emotional palette (for example, emotional displays more than 400, while the average person uses less than 12), the atmosphere in the company will be completely different than before the training, now if yuloy employee or customer who poorly managed their emotions andA previously could infect your state who is on his side, the person or talking to him the employee will no longer have any effect, and more upbeat and positive mood becomes a natural reality of the company.A Thanks to the development of a true understanding of the causes of its location in the company either by calculation, the emotional attachment, a sense of duty or self-conscious person responsible for the results of its work and goals of the company, he finally will understand how these objectives will be linked to hisA personal goals.A In addition to the formation of all necessary for productive work attitudes and understanding (by the way, including over money and distribution), the participants get their hands on a clear and practical methodology for implementing these principles and guidelines in their practice with a view to continuous improvement.A To consolidate the results of training among the training participants will be entered into a written agreement “Code of relationships” that will make the results of their work on the training part of the corporate culture of the company (department).A Taking the Initiative is not a function and not an obligation – a quality that people will be, if aware of its value, and will not, if it considers it unnecessary.A The most effective way to demonstrate the importance of the employee of any quality and encourage its manifestations – to make it as an integral element of corporate culture, meaningful to the company’s value.A This is achieved through the personal example of leadership, promotion of desirable attitudes, and behaviors, creating support systems of motivation.A In this part of the staff, which the corresponding values A¢â‚¬”¹A¢â‚¬”¹will not close, will leave the company.A But those who have this type of culture would be to their liking will do what is needed, without additional control and prodding on the part of managers.A An important addition – the quality of “initiative” must necessarily go hand in hand with the “personal responsibility”, otherwise, the initiative will turn into a shouting from the crowd, for whom nothing should be. There is a very serious fundamental difference between the lack of initiative from the omission of which lies in the fact that during the execution of any work the employee may notice an error, but will continue to perform standard operations that will ultimately lead to the loss of the company.A Enter explanations for inaction.A In our company equal to the inadvertent omission of an attempt to application of the damage and it does not matter whether the damage was done, or it failed to warn. Age of new technologies complicates the world in which we live and work, continuous social and economic change, increasing complexity of tasks lead to the necessity of adequate development tools and management methods.A Lack of competence of managers in the management leads to what is used is the easiest (and not the most effective) way to interact with the world-the pattern, the old fashioned way, by once and for all of the technology, on the model.A However, as noted by A. and E. Avilov Morgunov in his “management difficulties” because of the uniqueness of each organization’s director of enterprise can not improve his business by copying the organizational, technological and other schemes of “model” of the enterprise. Since the mid XX century.A research in psychology of management have led to significant achievements, which, however, is still a vexing little used in practice.A This leads to a lack of competence regulation of available resources of the enterprise, least of all disbursed is human resource. Offered from a psychological point of view to consider the opportunities for creativity, intellectual and volitional capacities of people working in the organization, as well as conditions of its manifestation. At the core management skills are two basic rules: obtaining the desired effect with minimum cost; maximum effect when using the given limited resources. Both rules are implemented and the effectiveness of the decisions is increased when the leader encourages the initiative of employees and encourages them to saying creative ideas, impressions, tips and practical suggestions – initiatives.A Employees who demonstrate initiative, anticipate the decision of the head, not waiting to be told what and how they should do, give their vision of the situation and offer possible solutions to problems. Initiative – initiative, the first step in any case; enterprise. conditions conducive to the manifestation of initiative:A standardization algorithm innovations;A incentive pay system.A Personal financial interest;A awareness of the security implications for the employee personally (an initiative should not be “penalized”);A division of labor and teamwork;A employee awareness of the public benefit of the work and, consequently, increasing his personal rating in the organization, feelings of self-importance;A availability of knowledge and authority to implement the initiatives.A The confidence of the leadership of professionalism of the employee;A employee awareness of the objectives sought by the whole team.A Resourcefulness is a quality of volition by which a person acts creatively.A This corresponds to the time and conditions of the active and adventurous attitude, flexibility, actions and deeds of man.A Initiative appears to consciously and deliberately, and not influenced by natural instinctive impulse.A As a rule, it is associated with intense physical and spiritual forces who exercise it.A The possibilities for its manifestations appear when a person has a domestic interest in changing the existing situation for the better.A That leader is responsible for creating these conditions within the organization. A huge role in the absence or small display of initiatives of employees is complacency.Struggling with this disease, the manager must always initiate a call, awakening in people a new, higher demands, inspiring a new motivation.A The latter is realized through the recognition and promotion of the intangible (eg, training, career opportunities, the organization of friendly workplace, working conditions), or constructive criticism.A Career planning for each employee in an organization involves the identification of human capabilities (bents, development needs) and implementation of measures to ensure their realization (career development).A The effectiveness of the enterprise as a whole increases by increasing the efficiency of each individual employee. Summarizing, we note that for orders of competent human resources company and get the maximum effect with minimum cost leader must demonstrate personal initiative: not ignoring classical technique guide, enrich their skilled techniques of managing people.A Moving toward the goal by creating a creative working environment, making a step towards individual abilities and talents of people, arousing in them the hidden personal reserve, encouraging and nurturing the desire to experiment with the willingness to accept responsibility for the events and achievements, liderinitsiator is the best example for the employees and the sampleA to follow.

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