Oedipus Rex a Greek Tragedy Story

Published: 2021-08-19 23:10:06
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Greek stories such as Greek tragedies are plays that intended to strengthen religious values, like ancient Greece society. Greek tragedies aren’t specifically meant to be characters of study, but to create strategies to combine the protagonist which the audience. In this Greek tragedy, Oedipus is a tragic hero that has some character traits that can also identify him as an epic hero. In the Greek tragedy, Oedipus is a loyal ruler to his kingdom but finds out the truth of lies he receives from his family and friends.
Oedipus Rex a Greek tragedy story, The king of Thebes, Oedipus sends his brother in law Creon to find the cause of the mysterious plague that has taken over the city. What Creon reveals is that the plague will be gone if the man who killed the former King confesses to his wrongdoings. Oedipus not knowing that he is the murder of his father confronts his wife Quee Jocasta also not knowing Jocasta was his mom. Because of Jocasta not taking the word of Tiresias when he said that Oedipus was the murder because she did not believe Tiresias because of an oracle that once told her her husband would be killed by their child. This led Jocasta to leave baby Oedipus to die on the side of the road to stop her child from killing her husband. Leading up this made Oedipus have a feeling that he was the baby abandoned on the side of the road, when he made his first trip to Thebes, meeting a man by the name of Lauis and killed him where the three roads met, turning out to be his father. Oedipus soon met and married Jocasta, without knowing she was his mother. Oedipus getting suspicious asks a servant and messenger to confirm that the tale is true causing Jocasta to kill her self out of shame and guilt, also leading to Oedipus death using pins of Jocasta’s brooches as a tool to stab his own eyes. Oedipus is an honorable man in the standing as a “tragic hero” since he carries the traits and qualities of the people of his land as a King. As Oedipus tried to do the right thing for Thebes which eventually causes the death of his dad Lauis and his mother/wife Jocasta. Oedipus was a tragic hero because he was a person of noble birth and contained potential heroic qualities, This greek tragic hero was was hated by the gods. Oedipus was look downed upon by the gods because of his actions. But this epic hero so-called Oedipus struggles hard against his fate and wins the audience affection.
In this story, Oedipus carries traits that could possibly make him an epic hero. There are 8 characteristics of an epic hero. Champion of freedom, these characteristics support the idea that heroes are fighting with the forces of evil. Courage when the hero continues the task or journey after they show signs of fear. Super strength, this is more of a physical trait that would portray this trial when he or she would take any risk to be on top of everyone else. Loyalty, a hero will show this trait when they stay loyal to their path or task no matter what obstacle comes in the way. Love of glory is the sixth trait of an epic hero when they are obsessed with rewards of their journey such as glory, fame, or praise. Justice is the seventh trait that an epic hero displays when they portray the ability to keep doing the right thing no matter what changes around them. Last but not least the last characteristic of an epic hero is the weakness, also known as “tragic flaw”, this trait gives the hero human characteristics.
For example, Gilgamesh was a Mesopotamian hero and Oedipus was a Greek epic hero who shares similarities and differences. Out of both heroes, Gilgamesh was braver than Oedipus, Gilgamesh was caring for others, risking his life several times when he was with his friend Enkidu. On the other hand, Oedipus was selfish and believed he could do anything. The fearless Gilgamesh would fight or kill anyone who claimed to conquer over him, While Oedipus would be a weakling and run the opposite way. Although the characteristics that Oedipus carries that possibly make him an “epic hero” are loyalty and devotion. Loyalty because of his journey and knowing that the prophecy wanted him to do and he carried out the task no matter how hard the obstacle was that blocked his way. Even though lies were thrown his way and the fact he killed his father and married his mother to stop the plague that was killing innocent of his people. Devotion is another characteristic that would qualify him to be an “epic hero.”
Also in comparison Odysseus and Oedipus can relate, Odysseus as a Greek epic hero also like Oedipus also as a Greek epic hero, similar in both tragedies both epic heroes go through a hard time, for example, Oedipus trying to defeat the plague and prophecy, and Odysseus fighting the Trojan war and fighting to return home. Even though both epic heroes battle their faith, Oedipus and Odysseus fought to save or return to their kingdom and family. Also, both epic heroes have differences such as in Homers Illiad Odysseus would be known as brave, loyal, strong, and honest because even though he was a battle for 10 years plus 9 years to return home to Ithica for his wife, son, and kingdom to rule. And on the other hand Oedipus was more of a Stuck up king, anger management issues, and scared of the truth, for example finding out how he was the murder of his blood father, and how he married his own blood mother, made him weak because Oedipus choose to blind him self to die and leave family and friends behind and his reign. Still, Oedipus and Odysseus have there differences and similarities but the character is what separates the man from a boy.
The lesson I’ve learned behind this Greek Tragedy/play is cannot escape fate, one can try as hard as they want but karma will come right back around. Jocasta and Laius thought by leaving their son on the side of the road they would escape the fear of their son killing their father. Oedipus is the son of Polybos, who would never imagine being the one killing his biological father not knowing Laius was his biological father. Everyone is horrified by the actions he had taken an equally terrified when they learned that fate had succeeded in completely carrying out the prophecy’s goal by having Oedipus marry and have children with his mother, to end up dying a shame.

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