Nursing Practice that Necessitates a Change

Published: 2021-08-15 14:30:08
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Nursing Practice Identification
Nursing acts as the most important aspect in our society. It helps in maintaining and improving healthcare. Nursing remains to be one of the most trusted healthcare profession. A nurse is one of healthcare professional who engages in the practices associated with nursing. Nurses are responsible for maintaining healthcare, safety as well as facilitating effective recovery of patients. Moreover, nurses engages in nursing research which is a path that facilitates provision of evidence based care. Simply, all registered nurses plays a unique role on a healthcare team as they undertake on ongoing assessment of health status of patients as well as response to plan of care associated with patients. Their main focus lies on assisting patients to meet their needs which encapsulates emotional, physical, cognitive as well as social needs. Thus, the role played by nursing professional cannot be underestimated. However, there various areas in nursing practice that needs to be changed. One of the most important nursing practice that need to be changed is hand washing.
Description of the Current Practice
Preventing the spread of germs is one of the most important aspect in which all nurses should partake in order to promote health care. Hand washing is one way which help in preventing the spread of infections. It has been apparent that health care providers have been at risk of getting infection while performing their daily activities of treating patients.  Failure of washing hands has become an issue that has affected improvement of standards as well as practice for hospitals care. Adherence with recommendations for hand washing which promotes hygiene and prevents spread of infections remains low. For instance, hand washing can help in lowering the cases of diarrhea (Ejemot?Nwadiaro et al, 2015). Hand hygiene is one of the renowned priory measure which lessens the spread of nosocomial pathogens. However, non-compliance with hand washing remains to be one of the challenge faced in various hospitals. As result, washing hand is one of the nursing practice that needs to be changed. There is an ultimatum need to improve the standards as well as practices in health care settings by changing hand washing nursing practice.
Reasons why Nursing Practice need to be changed
The importance of maintaining hand hygiene by hand washing has been insufficiently recognized by nurses and other health care professionals. They fail to acknowledge the fact that clean hands count for safe healthcare as clean hands protects them from spreading serious infections to their patients while in hospital. Evidence from credible studies indicate that on average, nurses and other related healthcare professionals do not regularly wash their hands as they are supposed to do (Gould et al, 2017). This has contributed to the spread of infections that have affected many hospitals. Also, if the nursing practice is changed, it will facilitate an efficacy in eliminating bacteria and infections spreads by use of hands (Bhatia & Dehankar, 2017). A patient in a hospital is at risk of acquiring infections apart from the one he is being treated for. Further, nurses and other healthcare providers are also at risk of acquiring infections from the same patients they are treating. Hence, there is a satiable reason of changing the highlighted nursing practice.
Key Stakeholders and their Roles
Stakeholders in health care plays a vital role towards establishing an environment that promotes establishment of effective patient care. Every key stakeholder plays a crucial role in maintaining the required standards within hospitals. Some of the key stakeholders include the healthcare providers in hospitals, patients as well as the public health officers operating at the community level. The public health officer plays a crucial role towards establishing a way of educating people the importance of hand washing. The education comprises of highlighting how hands are used to carry infections. In relation to health care providers which include nurses and other medical officers, they are responsible of ensuring that recommended standards are maintained which include proper hand hygiene which entails proper hand washing. Patients also plays a vital in establishing an environment which promotes their effective recovery. Washing their hands regularly acts as a mean that prevents spread of infections. Scientists are also key stakeholders. Although they don’t belong to the health care setting, they play a critical role who should never be underestimated. They have a responsibilities of coming up with mechanisms of ensuring infections are not spreads through hands. This means that they come up with means of maintaining high levels of hand hygiene. If the key stakeholders highlighted plays their role accordingly, then they will be able to support the recommended change of hand washing.

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