Northern and Southern China

Published: 2021-07-10 08:25:05
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China is a united sovereign county in the eastern part of Asia with world’s most populated state, with about 1.4 billion population, with a total square kilometers area of 9.6 million. China is divided into North China and South China because of the large area due to the difference in cultural practices, climatic conditions, geographic and language since historic days. Huai river- Qin Mountains are the boundaries as perceived by the people of China. Northern China climatic conditions, cold periods and the dry periods are longer hindering the cultivation of rice. On the contrary, rice does well in Southern China due to the fact that climatic condition is warmer and there are a lot of rains falling in the land. Cultivation is the major economic activity taking place in Southern China which is the source of income for the local people and to the government for foreign exchange. Northern China being plain landscape while Southern China is surrounded by mountains and river valley enabling economic activities to be done by the people.( Xu, Tao, J., Zhou, Coco, G., & Zhang, 2016) Northern people were considered, to be an honest and upright person while the southern people were associated with fire and were referred as hot-tempered people. The southern part is more advanced and developed than the northern part due to the fact that southern people are more skilled and equipped than the northern people. The cultural difference played a major role in making both regionals difference, the difference in the type of food consumed by the people of these regions brings out the difference. The political struggle in the history among these regions made the parts to develop into the difference in social organizations and political systems. ( Talhelm, Zhang, Oishi, Shimin, Duan, D., Lan, X., & Kitayama, 2014) In conclusion, northern and southern China has a different type of language, cultural activities, social and economic practices in the areas. This brings out the clear and precise difference between the two parts of China.

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agriculture. Science, 344(6184), 603-608.

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