NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

Published: 2021-08-18 05:20:07
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NASA has sent may rovers to Mars that have proven there was once water and still could be some on its surface. Mars has proven itself to be a very mysterious planet. Rovers that have been sent to Mars have found multiple examples that life could have existed on the planet. Satellites orbiting Mars have found that it has also lost most of its atmosphere. This means Mars was probably a lot like earth and could be in the future. The exploration of Mars would be the biggest leap in human history and it can support the potential of a new civilization on a whole new planet.
Mars can be suitable for human life. NASA’s Curiosity Rover found an “Ancient streambed” and on its first ever picture on the planet they found rock’s that could only be formed by running water. NASA’s rover also found the basic key ingredients of life in soil samples on Mars (Nitrogen, Sulfur, Oxygen, Phosphorus, and Carbon). A SAM instrument suite satellite found evidence that Mars’s atmosphere was once thicker and the planet was much warmer.
Will research the planet on its surface once we are there. Soil samples have shown that Mars holds basic key ingredients of life. This motivated NASA to do more research on the planet’s surface and past. Mars is still a very secret planet and we don’t know a lot about it so there could be a lot of minerals on its surface that we may have never seen. Mars Used to be a lot like earth; based on research from rovers and satellites, this means life may have lived there once before. Research would help locate evidence such as fossils or habitats. If there still is life on Mars surface then research would also find out what they are and if they are like any creatures on earth.
Will stay on Mars for as long as we can or as long as we need to be. NASA and Spacex are attempting to send the first humans to Mars in the upcoming years . The Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle is driving this mission of NASA and Spacex because the vehicle is supposed to bring people back to the moon and then the first people to Mars for research. The resources on the planet could make us stay on the planet as long as possible allowing us to colonize it even more.
Our bodies will not be able to take the harsh environment and survive Mars. NASA’s Curiosity rover and some satellites have shown that Mars is a very dusty, cold, desert world with a very thin atmosphere that is nothing like Earth’s. There are very fierce sand storms that could cause a lot of harm to us and the things we take there. The storms will make it hard to farm or grow anything. Mars is a very different planet than Earth. There is no water on its surface and no vegetation growing. The air on Mars is mostly Carbon Dioxide while Earths is Nitrogen and Oxygen. Oxygen is needed because that is what we breath and high levels of Carbon Dioxide is very dangerous to humans.
The Radiation will cause many deaths if the colonization of mars happens. Since Mars atmosphere is very thin it allows the sun’s rays to radiate its surface. There is also now magnetic field like Earth to reject the radiation back into space. There was also radiation that was deadly to humans found on rovers that were sent there.
The importance of going to Mars is far greater than just accomplishing a goal, It’s a mission to expand our knowledge and tp lead our future into a better world. As you may know Earth may not be habitable in the future and Mars is one place that we could go and start again. IF we start now then the chances of colonizing Mars successfully is way higher. The world would be completely different if we inhabit Mars as our second home because everyone’s eyes would be looking up toward space meaning space travel would become our top priority. Space travel would be a top priority because people will want to help colonize Mars. Also getting supplies to Mars will be needed for the beginning of the colonization because we might not be able to grow food on its surface in the beginning.

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