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Published: 2021-07-09 10:40:05
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I remember very well when my dad was standing at the bus stop. I looked through the window as I started walking down on small pathway that was between the seats. I asked myself why my dad was here. I usually live a block away from the bus stops therefore, in most cases, I meet him at home. So this day happened to be one of my best days in the entire life. I grew up in the house that was surrounded by boys. So I had only three brothers, and their names were; Tyler, Bryce and Ayden.
As I grew up my life revolved around three things: video games, a lot of Pok©mon and the Sunday backyard football games. I used to be a tomboy, and I was not ashamed of it at all. I also enjoyed the daily nighttime wrestling match that happened among the siblings. Later one someone came in the house and brought out the feminine in me. On March 11, 2008, I walked straight to where my dad was, and he walked got up on one knee. He then looked straight into my eyes since and can recall the way he looked at me that day. In his softest voice; and said, “Your sister has arrived.” I felt the blood rushing through the whole body, and my excitement was uncontrollable. I ran home that same day very fast than I the way I had done in my whole life. I grabbed the card that I had made all by myself a few months ago for her as I also picked the blanket that I knitted with the help of the mom.
At that moment I was nervous, I was also excited and anxious. The car that we were in seemed to be taking many hours because I felt as we were driving across the country before we reached the destination. I hesitated a little bit as I walked towards my mom’s room in the hospital. I stopped at the door and was unable to walk further as the rest of the family members were going. One of my brother stopped too and asked: “what’s wrong sweety?” I then replied him asking “do think she will still love me the way I love her?” he then looked at me and then said “Megan, you have been the best sister to me. There is no way she won’t love.” I then walked in front of the bed of my mom. I saw the most beautiful person who was wrapped carefully around the arms of the mom. My eyes were filled with joy. My mom then looked at me and then shown me an open space that was on the bed for me to sit. “This is Emma Doris Buchanan,” she said. I starred at my small sister, and I couldn’t move. My mom then asked me if I would like to hold her and I nodded. She then placed her gently on my arms.
The warmth that my sister gave me was not only in the arms but also to the heart. I said to her “you are my sister, and I promised I would be the best sister.” if she asks me about the promise I have kept it forever. Since then I have been by her side in everything. She grew up as a smart, humble and athletic girl. My sister grew up very well and has shown me what means to be loved. She helped me to gain the ability to be trustworthy and have become a best person to her.

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