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Published: 2021-07-05 02:55:05
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E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] com To whom it may concern, Dear Sir/ Madam, I am a University of Nairobi graduate, born, raised and schooled in Kenya. I have worked In 2 NGOs in the last 3 years. (The first was as a volunteer in the ICL ABC Project Abstinence, Being Faithful and Condom as a Peer Education Supervisor). This has been with adolescents, fellow youth in institutions of higher learning and urban slums (Dandora and Mathare). As a result I have acquired modest but valuable skills on project management (Monitoring and Evaluation). I am creative, innovative and teachable.
I am familiar with the BCC model and development of IEC materials. I am available to start right away. I worked with I Choose life Africa, a leading NGO involved in Peer Education as a project officer in the High School Project and as a result I worked with the Ministry Of Education in Carrying out a survey (on Sexual reproductive Health) with the aim of enriching the high School Curriculum among other duties. As a student I volunteered for over two years with ICL in organizing and supervising Behavior change interventions at the University of Nairobi.
I gained experience in working with adult and youth behavior change methodologies and their application to HIV/AIDS. I have conducted numerous trainings on Life Skills in peer education. I was also in charge of the Leadership and governance project which I helped design. In this project, the peer educators we train give back to their communities by training their fellow youth, carrying out outreach and thematic events. Last year, I helped the students prepare a memorandum to the Committee of Experts on constitutional affairs. This was given to Mr.
Bobby Mkangi during one of our leadership and governance forums. I was part of the team that developed a website dubbed ‘Chuo’ which is aimed at connecting youth to various opportunities and information provision. I belonged to the Customer perspective and proposals teams. I have acquired skills in project design, implementation and Monitoring and evaluation. Working with you will be very beneficial to me. This will be a new challenge and a great opportunity for me to learn, share, input and grow. Looking forward to working with you. Yours faithfully, Veronica Nguti

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