Music has the Power to Reduce Stress

Published: 2021-08-28 21:55:08
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Did you know that listening to classical/calming music has an affect on your mood and can lower your blood pressure as well as heart rate? Stress levels in the average human today is extremely high. So whether you’re playing and instrument or just simply listening to your music with headphones in, it may have more of an affect on your day than you know. Music has a complex link to our brain and our emotions. This can be a very effective way to manage stress. Research has shown that listening to music has a tremendous affect on the average humans stress and anxiety level.
Music choice can vary a lot between people, meaning using your personal preference for soothing music you like to listen to will be what is suitable to help you achieve the stress relief. “Music can absorb our attention, it acts as a distraction at the same time it helps explore emotions.” If you’re in a stressful situation pulling out your music may distract you from stressing more and can redirect your thoughts to something else! The best choice of music would be something Classical. It has the best results as to decreasing stress, But even if you don’t really like classical music or typically listen to it, maybe trying it out and seeing if you feel less stressed after is a good idea.
When I am stressed as well as others we want to avoid listening to music, Because it feels like a waste of time. Doesn’t feel like we are helping the reason of stress. I learned that “productivity increases when stress is reduced” so whether it feels like its not helping you, it really is helping your productivity but reducing the stress levels in the body.
If you’re like me it is really hard to fit music all the time into a busy lifestyle. Some things you could try to help you listen to music more is plugging your phone in when you get into the car, also if you’re gonna take bath or shower that’s another great time to listen to music. Whenever you go, you could bring your phone as portable music. It is there whenever you need it! You could try putting on your music instead of the Netflix at night. Which will not only help you with stress but also wind down from a long day.
If you’re a singer (good or not). Next time you’re feeling stressed you should try singing out loud or shouting the music. Some people when they’re mad or stressed yelling is a release of tension, so yelling or shouting a song may be a good option in that situation. Although that is not me, for some people it is encouraged. Have a long stressful day? Listen to some calming music of choice it ill help you relax from the day as well as reduce stress.  

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