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Published: 2021-08-09 15:15:05
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On my visit to met mesuem I have great experience but too choose anything it was hard for me because there are too many paintings but the modern art that I choosed was The Kearsage at Boulange,1864 . This art was created by Edouad Manet’. He was born in 1832 into a bourgenoisie household in Paris,France. He started painting at very early age but his parents don’t like his interest. But his uncle supported him and arranged everything that he need to do art and later he father boarded a naval vessel for Brazil because he hoped that he might have good life but he failed his naval examinations. He repeatedly failing the course and then finally his parents gave up and supported his dream of going to art school.
When I first saw this painting the first thing came into my was fight because when we have a look at the view of painting like how the boats were sinking and also the water waves looks scary. And also it looks like the big ship is destroying everything but when I looked up for this painting I found that this was the during American civil war , the United States was warship Kearsage made heading after the sinking confederate raiders Alabama off the coast of the France. The Alabama group of people were attacking the merchant vessel for blockad the imposed on ports of North Carolina and they were waiting for it but on Sunday the two ships were met and clashed and sink in a half an hour. Eduard Manet did not see the actual batttle but he want to make a imaginary panting and i think he did this because he wants to connect people with their history and wants to show the importance of civil war. If we look at the weather of the painting it was clear because there is no cloud in the sky and we can assume that it as summer time But if we look at water it looks waves are going to rise.
I think he has a great talent because he did not see the battle but with his imagination he create this painting very quickly which grabs people attention and forced them them to think about that time and what will you do to save your life because in the painting on the boat we can there are many people who were going to sink in the water and will lose their life. But the one question that I have about this painting is that why the painter choose to create small boats instead of big one because if we looks at water its look like it will sinks easily?
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