Modeling and Role Modeling Theory

Published: 2021-08-18 04:35:08
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Modeling and Role Modeling theory was established in year 1983 by Mary Ann Swain, Helen Erikson and Evelyn Tomlin in their book “Modeling and Role Modeling: A Theory and Paradigm for Nursing”. The theory is treated as philosophy of nursing. This theory guide nurses to care for and educate each patient with appreciation and respect for individual’s uniqueness which epitomize theory-based clinic practice that target on patient’s needs.(Sappington,1996).
The process by which nurse know and comprehend the patient’s particular model of his world and learns to respect its significance and value. It acknowledges that each individual has unique model perspective of his world. The nurse applies this process to establish a mirror image and understanding of patient’s world from patient perspective. Role modeling is the process through which nurse assist the progress of an individual in promoting, attaining and maintaining health. It accepts patients without any condition and then permits planning of typical intervention. As per concept of Role Modeling, the patient is proficient in his own care and knows best how he need to be helped.
Nursing has metaparadigm that includes following constructs: Health, Person, Environment and nursing and occasionally Social justice is considered as fifth constructs.( Schim, Benkert, Bell, Walker and Benford,2007). The practical definition of these parameter give context compulsory to explain that how an individual action are unique to nursing as opposed to action another occupation. The philosophical statement used by nurse decide whether the motives of theoretical model are consistent with their own belief system.(H.Erickson,2010).
According to this theory, the role of nursing are facilitation , nurturance and unconditional acceptance. The theory set following goals of nursing intervention: Build trust, promote client’s strength and set mutual health directed goals.
Case and nursing intervention: 56 years old Asian obese female admitted to Med-Surgical unit yesterday at 20:00EST. She was admitted yesterday to ED at 03:00EST. She lived alone. Her son brought her in ED. No past medical history. Her blood sugar done in ED is 470mg/dl. She had no knowledge of diabetes. Pt stated that she has urinary frequency, excessive thirst and excessive hunger. Using Modeling and remodeling theory that stress on facilitation, nurturing and unconditional acceptance, Nurse educate this client. Establish good rapport through therapeutic communication and build trust. Accept the patient worthwhile and allow to project oneself into positive future through making comments about event that might occur next
week. Help the patient to incorporate actively exercise regimen into daily routine. Participate with patient when setting goals in order to prioritize learning diabetic diet , mastering glucose monitoring , taking insulin injection and oral medication prior to discharge.
Modeling allude to the advancement of an understanding of client’s world. Role modeling refers to nursing intervention that required unconditional acceptance.
Parker, M.E., Smith, M. (2014). Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice (4th ed.). FA Davis Company.

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