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Published: 2021-08-02 12:00:08
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Geoffrey Chaucer was born into a middle class family in London during the early 1340s. He’s the father of the English poetry he became a page to an eminent family who received the finest training in good manners. Chaucer is well known for being a government official who served under three kings. He spoke Anglo Norman composite and his respectability to a language that would develop into the medium for the world’s greatest bodies for literature. The Canterbury Tales is a bunch of good stories and a snapshot of life in the Middle Ages. Chaucer places the characters on a pilgrimage which is a good setting. They exchanged tales to pass the time along so that everyone in Canterbury would tell people and it came back to London. Chaucer is telling a story on how life was in Canterbury and is using a popular literary device that frames stories.

Nuns are women who served the church were called nuns. Their physical description that they showed you was a shy smile, they have grey eyes, elegant nose, and wore long gowns or tunics. Over the tunic was a scapular which was a piece of cloth with an opening for the head. Some nuns wore a chain around their necks It’s also two different types of nuns but this nuns personality was sentimental, pleasant, they have a tender heart, friendly, and well mannered. In the middle Ages, it was common for a woman to become a nun. Nuns prayed, taught young girls, and cared for the poor. They also lived in a small convents which wasn’t fair.
The daily life of nuns in the Middle Ages was based on poverty, chastity, and obedience they choose the life to live and work under strict routines and were discipline in their life. Nuns were part of the clergy which is the order of rank following the pope who are higher. The nun was introduced as a prioress that always smiles and sang the service divine.
She goes to great lengths to show others what she wishes to be, rather than who she is. Chaucer uses the word counterfeit to describe the Nun, whose real name is Madame Eglantine, and indeed much about the Nun is downright false. He describes her as someone who helps herself before she helps others. He also detailed her as if she likes to eat a lot stating she is a little on the bigger side.
The conclusion is the nuns in this tale aren’t who they seem to be their worldly knowledge for the family and they were concerned for the loved ones. Thus women in reality enable the family to run smoothly and the menfolk to dominate with ease since their worldly needs have been fulfilled by the women. The various women in the tales of the monk similarly touch upon the secular aspect of life. The women are biblical and historical, each of them acting by their impulses and priorities in life. They were in a clergy which Chaucer makes fun of those people involved with the church.

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