Many Challenges while Learning about the Cosmos

Published: 2021-07-30 14:10:08
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Yet, we still face many more complications. There are people who suggest that we stop exploring space and concentrate on Earth’s problems. However, there are critical reasons to continue space exploration, such as, inspiring students and scientists to advance scientific knowledge, improving our economy, and satisfy human need to be curious and explore. These reason make it clear that we must continue further space exploration.
The history of space exploration proves the advantages of inspiring our students and scientist to advance scientific knowledge. In “”Leaving Main Street”” it states that, “”Finally, NASA’s space program inspires competition and innovation. The Hubble Space Telescope and the robotic missions to the planets have been shining examples of what can be achieved when a project is based on goals set by scientists rather than by politicians.””. Space exploration has always captivated our nations young people and inspired them to pursue careers in science and advance human knowledge about this. The drone called Curiosity that we sent to Mars is there because of our own eagerness and willingness to be inspired by special accomplishments like this. Inspiring the people is a worthy goal.
Venturing into the unknown can help us strengthen our economy and natinal security. New jobs are created and new products such as non-stick surfaces, stronger metals, and high heat protection, as well as medical products from space exploration and research. Engineering isn’t the only job that is useful in this enviroment, as it says in the interview with May Jemison, “” The 100-Year Starship program not only includes engineers and astrophysicists, but also artists and science fiction writers.”” The creativity of all these people enhances the new products that come from space exploration. In “”Leaving Main Street”” it says, “”Others argue that a successful space program adds to our national prestige, helps the economy, creates jobs, and improves national security”” Our nation becomes stronger economically, which strengthens our national security. The more we know about space gives us added protection gives us added protection against other countries and possible attacks.
Humans have always been curious and hard-wired to explore. World history is about mans desire to push the boundries. Humans are curious, they have always explored and pushed boundaries, they have a need to be remembered by future generations like it says n “”Leaving Main Street””, “” First, there is something about the human condition that strives to be the best, or the first, at something. Our ancestors survived by outperforming others.””.
Space exploration is a crucial part of our future. This knowledge gained from exploration is crucial because it benefits our future generations and our nation. We will have more scientists and a stronger economy. We will finally have satisfied our human need to go above and beyond by exploring and breaking through so that we are remembered by newer generations. Space exploration could all help ensure the continuity of our nation.

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