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Published: 2021-06-24 00:10:04
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Managing Business Table of Contents Introduction Analysis the problem that faced Planning What is planning all about? Mission, Vision, Aim Goal and Target Planning for the Charity Bazaar Planning for the location Planning for the sponsorship and volunteer Planning for the Station Organizing What is organizing all about? Organisation chat Leading What is leading?? Leading Style Controlling What is controlling? What method been used? Conclusion Reference:

The purpose of writing the report is do a charity for the organisation to raise fund for building of its own office premise, which estimated to cost RM 100,000. Mainly of the point of this report is how does the organisation raises the fund and what ways that the organisation had used. The theories that the organisation base on is Goal-Setting Theory, Functional Departmentalization, Concurrent control, Feedback control, POLC which means Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling.
Analysis the problem that faced
The problem that the organisation had faced divided into two parts which is internal and external. Internal problem that have faced is how to reach the target, how to reduce the cost needed for the charity, how to motivate the member and more other. External problem that have faced is how to rent a place of the car park with the supermarket, how to attract the customer, the weather and many more.

Internal Problem
External Problem

How to reach the target
Reduce the cost need
Motivate the member

Get the permission for the Supermarket
Attract the customer
The secure of the car park
Get Sponsorships and Volunteers

What is planning all about?
The definition of the planning is defining goals, establishing strategies to achieve goals, developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities (Overview of Management, Mr. Kantharow, 2013):-which help the organisation to accomplish the goals of the organisation.
Mission, Vision, Aim Goal and Target

To help more people

Within the Charity Bazaar activity, collect fund for new office premise

To raise fund for building of its own office premise

Goal and Target
Collect RM 100,000 during the Charity Promote our charity organisation Get more volunteer to help for our organisation

Planning for the Charity Bazaar
Planning for the location
For the Charity Bazaar, the committee member had agree to rent a car park at the Charity Bazaar will locate at Park City Mall top floor car park. Committee decided to choose this place is because Park City Mall is the first Mall and the one of the most people when for shopping. The car parks that had chosen by the committee have a cover that can fit in any weather. More than that the locations has a lot of hotel and have housing area, but also because of that the traffic of the area is not good. Committee member will take the permission from their manger and provide a hamper to thanks for their support. After we get the car parks, the car parks will divided into 3 stations which are Food and Drink, Game zone, singing competition and the arrangement will show in the figure 1. More Station detail can be found in Planning for the Station. Figure 1
Planning for the sponsorship and volunteer
About the finding sponsorship and volunteer for the Charity Bazaar, we will advertise by poster, radio, own website, newspaper and find help from the Red Crescent and Scouting. By these method can receive more help and on the other hand can make our Charity Bazaar more famous to reduce the cost for the Charity Bazaar. Besides that our organisation member goes to the all company and organisation to ask for sponsor from them to increase the budget for the Charity Bazaar. More than that we will go show their logo or brand for those company and concessionaries in our website and during the event.
Planning for the Station
In the Charity bazaar as before mention their will be 3 Station which is Food and Drinks, Sing Competition and Game zone. In order the station process success every station has a group of people to in-charge. In Food and drinks station we need people who know or having expertise to hand. In this station a lot of type of food like Malay style, Chinese style, Indian style, Iban style and more. In the game zone will provide some prices for the winner. Example game of the game zone is, Bingo, Dart the balloon, Throw to win and others. In the station of Sing Competition, we will inviting local sing that are volunteer to help on the charity and provide the form to who are interstate to participate. The Sing Competition will go on 3 categories which are 4-12 years old, 13 -26 years old and all categories.
What is organizing all about?
The definition of the Organizing is determining what needs to be done how it will be done, and who is to do it (Overview of Management, Mr. Kantharow, 2013):-which helps the organisation to place the people in the suitable place.
Organisation chat
Chairman is the head and organizer of the charity the charity bazaar. Chairman’s function is to manage the charity bazaar success and lead all departments. Chairman also help to announcement for the opening ceremony of the charity bazaar yet is the one of the judge of the singing competition. Treasurer’s function is to control and calculate all the financial of the charity. Treasurer helps all departments to mange fund usage. Human resource’s function is to distribute work to the all volunteer. Human Resource’s also be the information provider for the customer who needed. Food and Drinks’ Manager is to manage food and Drinks stalls selling different kinds of food. Game Zone Manager is to manage and prepare the game for the game zone Car parking security is to secure the safely of the place Singing Competition Manager is to arrange the entire performer and the stage for all presenters to present
What is leading??
Motivating leading, and any other actions involved is dealing with people (Overview of Management, Mr. Kantharow, 2013):- which helps the organisation to lead every people which involved in the event.
Leading Style
As a leading style, using is from the Behavioral theory which is Democratic style and Consideration to lead everyone that helps to work on the Charity Bazaar. Consider all member idea and feelings and all the decision been made by voting to lead the final target that been set before. A hamper will be given by the chairman personally to the best team to motivate the member.
What is controlling?
Monitoring, comparing, and correcting work. (Organisation structure and Concept, Mr. Kantharow, 2013):- which help to manage each department.
What method been used?
Concurrent control is used for monitor every member and easy to discuss every decision can be discuss in all time to correct problems before they become too costly. For example, member can inform and discuss the leader anytime when they face problem. Feedback control is used for the members to give their idea and feeling about the Charity Bazaar.
As a conclusion, although the charity organisation faces a lot of problem and hard task but our charity bazaar will be successfully done.
Roger Fritz, 2001, Think like Manager, National Press Publications Jones George, 2011, Contemporary Management, Mc-Graw-Hill Companies.INC Thomas S. Bateman / Scott A Snell , 2007 , Management Leading And Collaborating in Competitive World , Mc-Graw-Hill Companies.INC Overview of Management, Mr. Kantharow, 2013,

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