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Published: 2021-08-15 10:40:06
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In what capacity do you know the applicant?
I have known Dr.X since she started studying in dental school in 1997.We also worked together in private practice after she graduated.
Please comment on the following:
Relevant educational and postgraduate experience
After graduating with DDS (Hons) degree, Dr.X worked in both public and private sectors in Iran. She studied two different courses including an extensive implant course. Also, she had lecture presentation in the Annual International Congress of Iranian Dental Council.
She passed ADC examinations, she registered with Australian Dental Board and moved to Australia. Furthermore, she passed the initial examinations for the fellowship of Membership for the Faculty of Dental Surgeons from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Moreover, she works as supervisor for the final year students and holds the title of associate lecturer from the University of Queensland.
How would you rank this candidate’s suitability to undertake postgraduate training? (Please rank in comparison to peers)
Dr.X was extremely committed to her work during her undergraduate studies. She was among the top five students in her class. Her determination and motivation assured her success in the field of dentistry.
She is an excellent candidate for postgraduate training as she has many years of working experience and clinical qualifications.
Applicant’s personal qualities, characteristics and attributes relevant to the course of study
Dr. X is a dedicated, hard-working and self-driven person who works with enthusiasm. She has great ability to perform her duties and to develop thoughtful opinions.
During the time that I was working with her, I found her very supportive to her colleagues of whom they worked well together as a team. She is a very talented.
Other comments that would be helpful in supporting the applicant
Dr.X already knew she wanted to major in periodontology when she was at dental school, this did not diminish her intellectual curiosity about the other fields. Expanding her knowledge in dentistry beside her long experience make her an excellent candidate to pursue postgraduate training and I therefore recommend Dr.X as the best candidate for post graduate training in periodontics.

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