Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Published: 2021-08-26 08:00:08
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Palestine was treated unfairly and is truly uppresed. They have been at war for many many years were Israel had the advantage and was helped more than Palestine. I would like to talk about this topic in depth from the beginning to modern time.
Even, before everything the Jews has started to settle in Palestine all the way back in 1820. Fast forward almost one hundred years, they have finally been recognized and gained land. Now, this land wasn’t given to them from the people who lived there, no no no. It was given to them by the British. In 1917, it officially became the Jews homeland because, the British approved their land with the signing of the Balfour Declaration. From then, there was no conflict for a while nothing too major. Up until the 1930s where there was a increase of Jews pouring in because of Hitler. With this, there was an increase in Zionism.
Zionism actually plays a big part in the conflict and how it started. “Zionists believe Judaism is a nationality as well as a religion, and that Jews deserve their own state in their ancestral homeland, Israel, in the same way the French people deserve France or the Chinese people should have China.” As the Jews have nowhere to go they, rushed to where the rests where and if you want to stay somewhere you get greedy and want to eventually claim it as your own. They basically found a way to stay and try to claim land which wasn’t theirs to begin with.
Moving on we jump to the year 1947, this is the year that everything really starts. The UN has voted to partition Palestine into a Jewish state, an Arab state, and a small international zone. The Arabs which obviously didn’t like this really didn’t have a say in this. But even at that the plan moved forward, and the British officially withdrew on May 14, 1948, and the Jewish National Council proclaimed the State of Israel. In another aspect you can think of it a America and Native Americans from this point on. With the Arabs getting oppressed from their own land they started to fight back. They started fighting as soon as the state was proclaimed Israel. As family watches one another’s back the neighboring Arab countries attacked the for there brother state Palestine. But even with that they had remained victorious. With that on Jan. 7th 1949, Israel has increased its land by 50% taking western Galilee, a broad corridor through central Palestine to Jerusalem, and part of modern Jerusalem. With that there was a new border called the Green Line. The land already had people on it causing around 750,000 people to flee from their own homes. With this new refugee problem this will later cause more problems between the two. From then, there would be no wars for 7 years. But soon after they sought more land and got it through winning more wars.
The new Israeli government was admitted to the UN on May 11, 1949. The remaining areas of Palestine was divided between Jordan, which annexed the West Bank, and Egypt, which gained control of the Gaza Strip. Jordan sought to have control over the political future of Palestine. They even extended citizenship to the Palestinians in 1949. The next semi-major conflict with the neighboring countries came when Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal and barricaded Israeli shipping in 1956. Working with the French force, Israeli troops seized the Gaza Strip and drove through the east bank of the Suez Canal, but gave up under U.S. and UN pressure.
After this incident the next major war wouldn’t happen until about 10 years later. This war was simply called Arab-Israeli War of 1967. This war was one of the more major wars in this whole conflict. For 6 consecutive days Israel defeated Egypt, Syria, and Jordan and annexed the territories of East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and all of the Sinai Peninsula, expanding its territory by 200%. With this it was realized that the aggression wouldn’t stop between the neighboring countries. But with this the beginning of negotiations start.The first one would be the “land of peace” formula. This was supposed to be “the establishment of a just and lasting peace.” But as we know today and from what i’ve been saying this won’t happen. But at the time it got the Israeli to have a temporary peace. This was in 1967 but it ended in 1969, a short 2 years. This war was a War of Attrition but ended a year later where neither came out on top.
With this the arabs wanted to talk to the Israeli about returning some land but that caused the fourth war between the countries to erupt. On this day in 1973, Egypt and Syria has made a surprise attack on the Israeli on the Jewish high holy day (Yom Kippur.) What arabs gained that day was later given back when a cease fire was put into place a few weeks later. With that finishing up the Israeli suffered heavy losses.
On November 9, 1977, Egypt’s president was finally willing to talk about reconciliation. They had extended the talk with Jordan. The agreement wouldn’t be finalized tell 1979, 2 years later. The egyptian president also signed the document with President Jimmy Carter. With that Israel has withdrew its troops from Sinai. It took 3 years for them to completely withdraw all their soldiers. A few months later the peace treaty was void when the israeli assaulted Lebanon.

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