Is Racism Over?

Published: 2021-07-10 16:40:04
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If you asked this very question to different racial and ethnic groups, you ‘ll get very different answers. Some will say no, some will say yes. Differences will occur inter and intra-racially, but why the difference in answer to a seemingly easy question? The answer to that question is complex and multifaceted. Racism has been a big problem in America for many years. In the past, white children in the United States were to be taught that they were more important than black children. They could see how their parents treated other races and then would begin to think that their own race is valued more than other races. We can see this in the way schools, and towns were set up, and still are set up. In the 1900s, white families often had a lot of nicer houses and were more highly educated than black children and families.
Racism was happening all around children. They could easily see how their own drinking fountains were better and nicer than blacks. Racism in our country may not be as obvious and cruel as it was in the 1900s, but it is still something that we need to be aware of, and fight against. We see racial conflicts arise within police officers, and decided that they make. Since we have grown up in a country with a strong racist background, we tend to favor our own race, over other races. There is no doubt that the civil rights movement of a half-century ago made a difference.
A variety of overt forms of discrimination were made illegal. Societal norms changed. But rooting out deep-seated and institutional racism has proven difficult. Worse, President Donald Trump has exploited this racism and fanned the flames of bigotry. The core message of the new report reflects the great insight of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.: achieving economic justice for African-Americans cannot be separated from achieving economic opportunities for all Americans.
King called his August 1963 March on Washington, which I joined and at which he delivered his ringing, unforgettable “I Have a Dream” speech, a march for jobs and freedom. “A majority of residents (56%) do not think people of color need to work harder to end racism while 37% believe people of color need to do more. A racial divide exists. African American (57%) and Latino (42%) residents are more likely than white Americans (32%) to say that people of color need to work harder to end racism. Half of Americans, 50%, think white and black people have an equal chance of getting ahead in today’s society. This is little changed from 46% of U.S. residents who expressed this view in a 1997 CBS News/New York Times survey. Forty-one percent, compared to 43% two decades ago, say white people have a better chance at advancing. Only 4% think black people have the edge in getting ahead, similar to 5% in the 1997 survey” (Racism in the United States). The development of racism connected to the slave trade. In the 13th amendment, when formally abolished slavery in the United States. This big change in the constitution was not easy to digest for white American.
White treated blacks as they are not humans. They thought slaves are property. This color differences born racism. “Race is not biological, but racism is still real.” We are not born with any race so, how anyone differentiates by skin color. When we became democratic. People thought that now this is the end of racism. But racism not only entered our society but also entered human behavior or thinking in acrimonious form. The development of racism connected to the slave trade. The history of this ideology started by the mid-eighteenth century, when Africa had become a cornucopia which conjured forth, in abundance, humanity, and profit for Europeans. Few doubted that the African slave trade was ‘the mainspring of the machine, which sets each wheel in motion’. This is the time of industrial revolution and for this, they needed hard work labors, that why Europe’s new American colonies created a labor market which is not easily filled by free men and women.
So, they started import African slaves because it provided the lowest available cost option, creating the racial basis of transAtlantic slavery. 100,000 Africans a year shipped to America, some 40 percent from Angola-Kongo and 35 percent from Nigeria. In 1820, Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding father of the united states, wrote in a letter that with slavery. Individuals’ views on race are very much shaped by where they live, the ethnic and racial makeup of their social circles, and other issues connected to exposure. And only weeks after high-profile racial discrimination incidents involving Starbucks, Waffle House, and other corporations, 1 in 4 people said that racial discrimination against blacks was either “not so serious” or “not serious at all.” Racism has just changed it face or cover it. We talk about civil rights in America. How can we consider for it? Maybe the constitution describes it but in social life, it disappears.
Till date, people of specific color are considered as inferior. Yes, it is not like an 18th or 19th century but it exists. racism is very alive today and more noticeable to some groups than others, but with that being said, it is all of the jobs to make sure racism has nowhere to hide. In this essay, I showed how racism is intertwined of the very fabric of the system. Racism kills, and racism makes life very difficult more difficult than it has to be. Racism need not be over to do serious damage. The perpetuation of racism will be the demise of American unless we thrive to truly be the United States of America. “Racism is still with us but it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.” This statement was made by Rosa Parks in 1998. The bottom line is that non-whites tend to see racial discrimination a lot more than whites do. Take a look at these numbers: An overwhelming 87% of black Americans say black people face a lot of discrimination in the United States, but only 49% of white Americans say the same thing, according to a February poll from the Public Religion Research Institute.
Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do. In the same way, hate cannot drive out hate only love can do that. This proverb is very meaningful in this situation. Till date, people want a fairer complexion which shows inferior complex for darker skin. Not the color but our achievements and talent show what we are. So it is important that we stand together and take a giant leap against racism as we do not bother about color or any other physical attributes. Work Cited “Blacks and whites see racism in the United States very, very differently – CNNPolitics.” CNN – Breaking News, Latest News and Videos. Web. . “Racism in the United States: Who’s Responsible for Fixing the Problem? | Third Rail with OZY | Official Site | PBS.” PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. Web. . “Why are people still racist? What science says about America’s race problem. – The Washington Post.” Why are people still racist? What science says about America’s race problem. – The Washington Post. Web.

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