Inquiry Letter to a Hotel

Published: 2021-07-08 15:45:04
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Rang Ne Ha Enterprises 23 Jurong West Street 41 Singapore 627142 September 20, 2010 Hotel Browns 20 Brown Pinoy Street Cebu, Phillippines P. O. Box 1094 Dear Sir/Ma’am, I am Mr Chong Chin Chian, Frankie, the HR manager of Rang Ne Ha Enterprises. Our company has decided to organise a retreat at your hotel on the 20th of December, 2010, for a duration of seven days, possibly more, for an approximate number of three hundred people. However, prior to our confirmation, we need to enquire about your hotel’s packages, charges, as well as the services and facilities that are provided. Firstly, we would like to know how much it would cost my company for a flight to Cebu from Singapore, and vice versa. Would you also be able to advise on which airlines provide the cheapest fares? In addition, we would also appreciate any information that you might be able to provide on the coach fares per pax to and from your hotel, the availability of any tourist group packages, as well as their costs, including any packages that might be available for trips to tourist spots and vacation hubs. Secondly, our company would like to know the total cost in Singapore dollars for a seven day stay at your hotel. Are there any complementary services that come along with a week’s stay at your hotel? With regards to the rooms that we are going to book, we have a few enquires that need to be answered: Would the rooms we book be next to each other? What are the various room sizes available? Also, we would like to inquire about the room furnishing as well as the view from the rooms. Also, we would like to enquire on how much it would cost us to extend our duration per day. Thirdly, we would like to know what services and facilities are provided for groups, how much they cost and whether they are part of the hotel campus or otherwise. If not, with regards to the last question, will there be any sort of transportation provided to access these facilities? Also, we would appreciate if you could provide information about any places of interest, sightseeing venues or major tourist hubs in the vicinity of your hotel. Fourthly, we would like to check if you provide both smoking and non-smoking rooms, and if there is any cost difference between the two. Also, we would like to enquire if there are any restaurants or cafes in and around your hotel, the kind of cuisines they offer, and whether or not halal food is available. Finally, the last question that remains is whether there are any particular customs or traditions in the Philippines that we should know about, to assure a safe and smooth holiday at your hotel. In conclusion, we look forward to your prompt reply so that we might be able to plan our vacation to Philippines as soon as possible. Thank you. Your Sincerely, MR CHONG CHIN CHIAN, FRANKIE Manager, HR Department Rang Ne Ha Enterprises

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