Implanting an Invasive Species in a New Area

Published: 2021-08-29 03:55:06
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Invasive species are non native animals that survive outside their normal habitat. If the animals cause harm to the native animals, then careful precaution must be done to avoid any harm. Therefore a government or agency must be mindful about how the invasive species will react in its new environment. A business or government should consider and prioritize the environment, economic viability, and public safety first before bringing in any non-indigenous species. They must consider how the invasive species will react in its new environment, what harm it can cause to humans, and finally, if there are any benefits from putting this new species in a country before transferring a new indigenous species to another country. These three points are the most important to review because these points cover all aspects of society’s safety from these invasive species.
Implanting an invasive specie in a new area and knowing how it will react, should be the first stride taken by a business or government. An infestation of Balsam Woolly adelgids were accidentally imported to the United States from Europe and killed many Balsam Fir trees (source A). No one knows that these insects were going to kill many trees. That is why a government needs to consider the point on how will the new invasive species will react. Learning from this problem of the Balsam Fir trees can help prevent other future epidemic to occur.Another essential point an administration needs to consider is the damage it can cause to people. Lamentably, in 2003, an episode of SARS, a viral respiratory ailment, contaminating 8098 individuals around the world (source B). This illness was contracted by imports of civets and is very contagious from person-to-person contact (source B). This outbreak was handled by isolation and quarantine measures (source B). With human lives being at risk studies needs to be done on the animals and plants before it starts a huge plague in a country.
Bringing in a invasive specie from another region to deal with the over populace of another creature, did not appear to be an incredible thought. In Australia, two types beetles were chewing through Queensland’s sugar cane fields and to handle the population of the bees, can toads were brought (source F). Truly, these frogs helped the underlying issue however later on caused some more. They started to eat everything in its way. Their predators even attempted to eat them, however the frogs toxic substances would slaughter the predators (source F). This was not helpful to the nation and cost them a multi-million dollars crusade to end the toads. Acquiring these intrusive toads casted them more to dispose of, than it improved the situation the lost of the sugar cane crops.
Invasive species impact the lives of such a vast number. An organization must consider, how the obtrusive specie will react in its new condition, how it will impact, what hurt it can cause to individuals, and if there are any favorable circumstances from putting these new species in a country before transferring another indigenous species to another country. 

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