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Published: 2021-08-15 15:20:07
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Workplace safety is a very important aspect that every employee needs to uphold, especially in treating the people visiting the work premise. These people may pose a security problem or may not know the laid down procedure of accessing the premise. Using agreed ways of checking the identity of these people requesting information or access to a premise is very important. Working as a health assistant in the eye casualty section of the hospital, I often meet many people such as patients, health professionals, contractors, suppliers, and government agents. Understanding their identity is key in helping them and bringing order in the hospital.
The agreed way of checking for the identity of anyone requesting access to a premise, first is checking whether the person had an appointment that day (Briella, 2016). This is available in the hospital diaries or visitor books. One can also call the manager or a doctor that day and confirm whether the individual had an appointment. Another step is checking their official identity cards, such as driving license, professional ID, passport, photo ID, wristbands or description of medical records in case the person is a patient. This information is vital in understanding the needs of the person in accessing the premise.
The agreed way of finding the identity of a person seeking for information in the work place is by checking for their IDs. This will reveal whether the person is a professional, supplier, contractor or a patient seeking clarification. One can get electronic information of the person using secured password systems. It is imperative to have an understanding on the protocols of handling electronic information requests and confidentiality of this information (Briella, 2016). As personnel in the health sector, it is also imperative to wear badges and photo IDs. This will make it easier for doctor, patients, other staff and visitors to identify you so that you can help them. These procedures helps in avoiding many cases related to danger.

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