Human Resources Mission Statement

Published: 2021-08-15 16:00:07
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A mission statement gives the explanation of a business strategy.  It serves to define what a company will do for its employees, owners, customers and the environment. If it is an international company, it also includes what it does for the world.  It also defines the company goals, ethical values, culture and how decisions are made. It should stand out and distinguish from other competitors.
Part 1
Sample 1 companies have placed a lot of emphasis on the customer. This is probably due to the fact that the customer is target and comes first. The customers make any company to realize their profits and retain competitive edge. In sample 2, the company recognizes the customer as key and that they value them. The third sample does not define what it will do to the customer.  According to (Martin, 2017), customers keep the business afloat and without them the business strategy and goals are not valid because no matter how good a product or service is, if it does not reach the customer, then that is not business.  Human resource is all about customers and employees and how they relate will go a long way to dictate the profitability of a company.
Secondly, while it is important to give the customer all they can, it is also important to remember that other parties that will come together to make the goals of this company be a success. For example in sample 1, it does not define what it will do to its employees in terms of training, empowering and overall benefits. (Rarick, 2015) For a business to stay profitable, having a strong, reliable workforce is crucial. On the other hand, Sample 2 defines what it will do to its employees. This is through empowerment and room for personal growth.  The company also provides a stable and safe environment for its employees.  Sample 3 also places a lot of emphasis on the employees in terms of training, empowering, retention, safety, team work and their general wellbeing. They recognize that for a company to grow and thrive, how the customers are handled tells a lot about a company and eventually the overall success. (Klemm, 2013). Sample 1 therefore should define its responsibility towards its employees.
To sum it up, Human Resource is the backbone of any successful company.  It is imperative for any company to have a mission statement that answers the question of why they are in operation.  It should be clear, unique and be able to pass a lot of information to anyone who reads it in order to know what it entails. The statement should not be cast in stone but rather subject to constant changes so that it can incorporate views and developments with a company.
Part 2
Mission Statement
Our purpose is to make quality food supplements and products in order to restore and improve the health and wellbeing of people all over the world at affordable prices. We support our employees in order for them to provide excellent services by having a culture that creates a suitable, safe and cohesive working place for them through empowerment and constant training.

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