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Published: 2021-08-18 16:20:06
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Ever since I was 5 I can remember the times my mom and dad would argue everyday, it got to a point too extreme that my mom decided to leave him. My father was never really someone who was included in most of my life unlike my mom. Living without a father meant my mother had to be both for me, she worked 2 to 3 jobs each day, barely giving me time to spend time with her. Although It made me sad I knew it was because she was working hard to provide me with what I needed and to move forward in life.
As I grew older I had to learn to take care of myself while she worked and also help her around the house. At the age 10 my mom had to explain to me that we were undocumented and that she had brought me here at the age of 2 from Guatemala, because I had always asked her ” why can’t we g0 on vacation like everyone else to another country” or ” can we go visit my grandmother in guatemala” since I had never met her. Luckily a few years later I got be part of the the program “DACA” which is such a beneficial thing for someone like me. Things started to look good, meaning with this I could legally work in the united states, get a driver’s license & travel outside the U.S for the extent of a two year period. Sadly, Donald trump decided to rescind the program, meaning this will all soon end for me. Hearing the news made very upset and put me in a mental state where I was not doing so well and I couldn’t really talk with anyone about it. It put me in a mentality that if this program is no longer available, I can never be someone in life and never will achieve anything.
This mentality hurt my academics,it made me overthink a lot and stress me out. I asked myself ” If i’m not going to have anything, why will I got to college?, what career can I achieve? Everyone else is lucky to have been born here” I did not believe in myself and always put myself down everyday. Though it did make me depressed and still does from time to time when I think about it I want to work hard to prove that I can be someone in life and change the ways I think and my whole mental state to be someone who is happier. Even though I did not do so good in school it is never too late to try and become the best version of yourself, even just trying is already a step forward. I want to go to college and work hard to pursue a career I want to be in, such as Graphic Design or photography.
Being able to get a career in any of these will make me happy and also be a dream come true, It’s something I love. I have loved Photography ever since I was small I like the idea that a picture can tell a story and I like being creative it’s something that has helped me cope. Getting a career would mean I can get a better job and also help my mom who has done a lot for me and sacrificed her blood, sweat and tears for me. I want to look at life into a more positive way and not be in a sad hole for the rest of my life and telling myself that I can’t achieve anything because that will never help me reach for the goals I want. I have yet so much more things to learn and also improve as a person to become the best version of myself. I want to work hard and do a lot for myself because I want to improve and strive in life.

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