How i would Like to be Remembered

Published: 2021-08-15 11:20:08
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Having a family that stands by you is an awesome thing. When your family understands you better than anyone else you can conquer even the worst ever storm. This is very essential in a human life you ought to have the people who back you up to chase and live your star, the sincere friends we have can be the best source of motivation when you feel down trodden, together you form a team that is united. Then with a community which is supportive to your team it can be the most exciting thing. I draw my motivation on how a supportive community is vital in life from a football pitch which is full of fans from different backgrounds united for their team against their rivals regardless of their age, race or origin. When we are backed up by the community in our endeavors it would be easier to achieve them.
I spend most of my time with my family in our ranch tendering the animals and maintaining their hygiene in the sheds, I developed this strong chemistry with animals in a tender age. My father was renown veterinary and he bought me my first horse at my fifth birthday, I breed the horses too and added the number of horses in the ranch to twenty six. This is the highest number of horses in my county to be owned by a private ranch. I have won accolades for the ranch for parading the best and healthy bull in the show for a record of ten times. I would therefore like them to remember me as the best cowboy who ever existed.
Similarly, I spend a lot of time with my friends whereby we engage in a lot of activities in the community. However, in many times we were found in problems for misbehaving. We had a local football team which we had named after an American icon Martin Luther football team; we were the team to beat in the area. The team was well organized and we were soon assimilated to the national division two league. We occasionally staged charity plays in the public theater; the money collected from tickets was distributed to the poor in our community as a way of showing appreciation for their support for our team. We were honored by the Governor for our efforts to uplift the lives of our community members. I would therefore want them to remember me as their most able captain and their leader.
The environment is an essential part of the ecosystem which is should be taken care of and jealously guarded with all might to stop the carnage of global warming. I have reached out to them through forums and educated them on the importance of trees. We appointed every 3rd of August every year as the community tree planting day, which has borne fruits so far we have reclaimed forty eight hectares of forest farm from illegal cultivators. We have organized concerts with local celebrities whereby the money collected has being used to fence the forest in order to avoid the man animal conflict. I would therefore like to be remembered as the greatest environmentalist to live in the community.
I would therefore spend the time am out of class to create awareness on our ecosystem and give alternative ways on how to take care of the environment without endangering the lives of the other organisms. Ii would be the greatest pleasure to participate in a charity football game which helps raise awareness about our environment and the wildlife.

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