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Published: 2021-08-30 21:40:08
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A generation is a group of persons most of whom are the nearly same age, having similar ideas, problems,dispositions. It can also be described as the medium period generally considered to be about thirty years, during which children are born and grow up become adults and begin to have children of their own.
According to an article by Ellen Kelly she said:
“ Our youth are becoming more free from the pressure that parents have formerly exerted on young people’s faith, work choices and love. Internally and externally, the youth have brust the limits, that still half a century ago, inhibited legitimate freedom of choice, their most individual lifestyle. This liberation has developed so quickly that no one should wonder that the young have not been able to set themselves new boundaries. In many homes now it is not the children that are oppressed, but the parents. Young people’s lack of modesty and consideration of the home and social life, are matched by the lack of restraint and mastery in studies or sports or social work or whatever it may be, that the young indulge in.” (1910)
The writer said that generation hole is a difference of opinions between one generation and another with reference to belief, politics, or values. In today’s usage( generation hole) often mentions to a touched hole between younger people and their parents or grandparents.
At first I will describe my generation from my point of view.
I was born in the eighties, that generation was the powerful and influential generation. Most of the great young people who achieved technological breakthroughs were born in the happy eighties, not Mark Zuckerbery founder of facebook is the first or David Karp founder of Tumbler is the last. I think those whom were born in this period and the preceded are better than those whom are the new generation because they were conducted by generations with different habits and they were born and felt in the same corresponding social association, although, there were no means of communications, they were a predominantly in the children of the current generation, as well as, their childhood was pleasantly formerly generated.
the curriculum was very simple, simple book. I remember that we did not begin to study English only in the beginning of the preparatory grade. The teacher was and still a good example. His method was cultivated in us values and ethics, before he gave us science.
Of course, black and white stories and magazines were prevalent in this period and when the marvel of marvels appeared” the video games” it was an interesting games. It remained so until the markets emerged the computer, of course, the capabilities of the devices were very weak, but it was acceptable at that time.
That was my generation that was so obedient and simple.
While the new generation which through my experience with my children and my students is similar to what has Elle Kelly written. I found a great differences between what we were fascinated and considered as values and what this new generation considered as things that are not important. You will discover and notice this disparity in dress, in the way of speech, language, style,and understanding. The internet has become an integral part of their entity. They sail…Dive….Then dive and they do not fear drowning or become wet.
The network turned around their necks and their imaginations.
There is fundamental difference that touches values, customs, traditions, behaviors, and lifestyle.
So if we want to do a comparison between my generation and the current generation It became clear how different they were and no doubt. The conflict of generations is a clash of culture and civilizations. Many people may not recognize its existence as an insurrection.  

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