Garcetti Versus Ceballos Case

Published: 2021-08-14 14:40:06
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Based on the requirement in the first amendment which was developed under Pickering versus   Board of Education case, the final ruling on Garcetti and Ceballos can be ethically justified. This is after following the guidelines which are in existence and how a public employee is separate from just normal citizens.  The first amendment was very clear speech for government or public employee has to be control and accept the defined limitation which is subjected by the constitution regarding freedom of speech. The fact is that Ceballos made the right speech as a normal citizen, how the constitutional law victimized this since his freedom is limited in accordance to the opportunity he has to work with the government.  The restrictions are good to develop policies which would keep secretes of government administration.  However, it should be understood that Ceballos was not denied freedom of expression on what he regarded as poor treatment and denial of promotion, instead the case used ethical lens which evaluate interests of citizens and others who have special opportunity to serve the government.  However, this doesn’t mean public employees are not protected by the first amendment but it is their role as government representatives to make positive implications and build the image of the government to the citizens. It is the role of civil societies to criticize and not the government employees.
The case was screened and decided under integration of ethical lens such as communitarian normative aspect which helps to create relationship or a link between individual, state and the community.  This is where position and expectations of Ceballos were decided following what he claimed to be unfair treatment and mode of expression he used. The fact is that, the community should have not known instead a memo and communication should have been made internally to make resolutions.  Liberal ethical lens was also captured since the case emphasized in freedom of speech under regulated or controlled conditions which is separate from common citizens.  In conclusion, Garcetti versus Ceballos

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