Football Agents and the Employability Skills Needed

Published: 2021-06-23 04:20:05
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Football agent and the empoyability skills   Table of Contents Table of Contents………………………………………………2 1.Introduction……………………………………………….3 2.About the job………………………………………………3 2.1The job: Football agent…………………………………….3 2.2The required skills……………………………………….4 2.3The choice of this job……………………………………..5 3.Swot Analysis……………………………………………..6 4. Action Plan…………………………………………………6 4.1 How to get up there and qualifications……………………………6 4.2 Acquisition of some not existing employability skills………………….7 5.Conclusion……………………………………………….7 6.Bibliography………………………………………………8


In this assignment will be presented, with the opportunity of a possible job offer from one of the largest company of sports management as a football agent, the required employability skills that one employer expected from a business graduates. As is easily observed, below will be analyzed initially the position that the company offers and the employability skills that required for this position. Then there will be a personal SWOT analysis about the employability skills that already have with these that the job wants and after an Action Plan with how to get there and how to get various non-owned skills.

About the job

The job: Football agent

Most of the people think that the work of a football agent is a job fairly simple with few obligations but nevertheless enough profits in the agreements that they closed. Certainly in relation to what is said, the truth is half in that which really apply. As Mel Stein and Mark Levinstein said the situation is completely different and requires daily sacrifices even from your personal life in order to respond to your professional issues. Of course sacrifices makes every employee to respond in his job but in this profession perhaps if you want to become an accomplished manager-agent as Mark said you should constantly travel worldwide so whenever you’re away from your family, you should sometimes take risks on things or even playing preservatives in order to close deals but also achieves several objectives to win things as money and reputation for you and for your customers. Beyond these, as stated by Mel, we could say with a simple words that football agent is a person who for a fee purvey and negotiates employment and indorsement agreements for their clients and also can work either alone or in an agency. Also after an inquiry which they made the two of them noticed that the majority of workers who practice that profession, have a hard enough yet negotiating character (Stein & Levinstein, 2012). Although if we want to speak more specific about the responsibilities of this work, Kenneth L. Shropshire and Timothy Davis said that the main competence of an agent is six with the more important to advice first of all the client on appropriate chances for career improvement. As a second tasks to support the customer in periods of difficulty, pressure or misperception and as third to take a dynamic management role in the career growth of the player. After these the agent must join into a conversation with clubs to register his customer, then to handle contract and also sometimes to re-contract or to take part of remuneration negotiations which sometimes are very difficult to reach agreements. Of course many times the agents hunting and other agreements for their customers who are mainly with an advertising opportunities and various other trade agreements as for example the supply of sports shoes. Also the salary that the agent gets is normally between 5-10% of the player’s working contract, while this can go up to 30% for unique deals such as endorsements or short-run advertisements (Davis & Shropshire, 2008).

The required skills

However, beyond all these that mentioned above about what is really a sports manager, to work on this profession is not something easy because this requires some more specific abilities or skills and different qualifications that one employee must have. All these elements may be able to give us one of the largest worldwide company (Key Sports Management ltd), which offered this position, with huge customer lists and high quality services to them. Starting from the most basic, in my view which are the qualifications to be possessed by an agent to start and these are none other than the diploma must have (Key Sports Management, n.d.). On the way to become a football agent someone must have first of all a bachelor or a postgraduate degree in sport administration which is something that gives him the necessary knowledge that will help him throughout the period of his career. Beyond that the global football association and also the European association require from the agents in recent years to take an extra degree which will allow them to work on the profession. This extra certificate called FIFA Agent and required in each federal country in combating the alleged scammer’s agents (Federation International de Football Association, n.d.). Obviously, we have also some employability skills that one employee must have and these abilities are too important to be successful. According to Frances Trought the employability skills except that are too significant, give to every employee some advantages from someone else who don’t have this ability and one business could prefer this worker with this extra skills (Trought, 2011). First of all as the Key Sports Management wants, someone need to have an excellent communications skills in the written and spoken expression and the knowledge of two or even three different languages which help to understand more easy a foreign client, his needs and to respond to some other situations. Also the agent should be completed understanding of the transfer and contract shops in the diversion and to know how to negotiate with other person in order to obtain the best possible agreement and of course to recognize all the legal requirements relating to the negotiation of devoted deals. Of course he must know not only the legislation of contracts but also main legislation of the state or the region in which the customer lives in order to respond to any issues that arise even in everyday life. Something that has to do with the image and the reputation of the client is the marketing and the promotion where the agent must know many in this area because is too significant. In addition to these, important is also the manager to be a financial advisor of the client and to give the best solution in all problems that might have (Key Sports Management, n.d.).

The choice of this job

Everyone is looking to find the right work, which first of all would like and will fit depending on existing features that has got. Of course, followed this opinion doing what I like and thinking that I have many of the elements that can someone use in order to work as a football agent. Maybe one of skill that are required and it is my strong point, is the area of communication. It’s very good skill for me because as mentioned above if you know and other languages you can communicate more easily and can help to grow more the customer network so for me is easy to speak, except my mother tongue, in English, Russian and German. Also the bachelor of the Business Administration could help me to respond in many different situation such as financial problem, marketing and some legislation about the contracts. One stronger factor that can assistance is that about ten years playing as a footballer in various teams and generally my avocation with football is something that can help me enough in my agent’s career.

Swot Analysis

Of course one thing that might be help us to be even better and to see where we are in the employability skills is to make a personal SWOT analysis where can show us, with the previous information, all the strengths, the weaknesses, the opportunities and also the threats that we have. As mentioned above we could say that one of the strengths is the communication with others which is very good and helpful. Also my involvement with the football in recent years can help to adapt better to the profession. About the weaknesses, we can say that sometimes because of the time I’m a little bit disorganized and also egoist in some issues that believe that I know it better from someone else but it’s not like this. These two weaknesses can affect me negative more on the negotiation where should go more organized and with clear mind. Moreover, opportunity we can call the ability to create an opportunity by offering something else for a solution, like when you are an impasse and don’t have what to do in order to have the best result. As threats could have the threat of the crooks agents which can affect negative the whole industry and therefore my own work and also the threat of the present financial environment that has as a result the slow development of my own objectives. 4. Action Plan 4.1 How to get up there and qualifications However no one can reach this position from one day to another. Therefore to be able to make this job, will need a period of five years to obtain everything that is needed. Between these five years initially will get the bachelor of business administration, remaining around one year, where I will have a general knowledge that has to do with how business works and relation with the consumers. Also marketing, which is the best direction to choose in this level if you want to be an agent, can teach you so many things. The next step has to do with choosing the appropriate master where, as is easy to understand, this will have to do with the sport administration management. This option will become in order to cover the essential qualification that this work needs but also to obtain a more specialized knowledge of this field. The final step is to study in the special school which my domestic Football Association has got and take the certificate that gives you the opportunity to work as an agent. During this period you can learn many things like how the agents work in a real situation and of course all lessons are given by real agents. 4.2 Acquisition of some not existing employability skills Except the employability skills that might have got from those that are required for the job, every person has also some not existing skills which should get because it might be help later. Certainly, one skill that needed all the time during the career is the negotiation skill which can improve year by year, even in simple everyday things that continually negotiate. Also as we can see from the personal SWOT analysis, it’s too important to fix the problem of the disorganized and to be more resilient in my conservations in order to be successful. Something last, is the experience that I don’t have and maybe it’s a good choice to work in an agent office as practice.


In conclusion, we could say that the football agent is not an easy job and that it’s very difficult and all are judged to detail. Also required many sacrifices, many trips and hard work to offer to your customers’ high quality services. As it’s easily understood if someone wants to survive in this industry, he need to create an agency or work for another because the competition is quite tough. Of course over which difficulties if you want to do something that really like it, you has only to embodiments and to fight and offer the best services.


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