Fad Vs Fashion (E Cig)

Published: 2021-08-17 20:30:06
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The best way to describe a fad is that is ‘short lived’. Fads typically last for at least a season but sometimes they are don’t last even for a month. Fads catch the eye of huge masses in a very short amount of time due to the ever changing fashion choices driven by novelty. But fads fade away as quickly as they had gained popularity amongst masses.
Fashion or trends, on the other hand, have much longer life than regular fads. Fashion and trends can last for significant amount of time i.e. years or even decades. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between a trend and a classic. Classics are the products which only get better with time. If you end up using a product for almost five years then there’s a good chance it’s a classic.
Talking about fads trends/fashion and classics, the days are long gone when smoking cigarettes was a sign of desirability, edginess and fashion. Smoking was once considered a positive thing do so much so that it was advertised and was used in the scenes of films to portray a rigid or “cool” image. Times are changing and so is this trend of smoking. Studies have shown that smoking does more harm than it does well. Even the on-screen smoking has been reduced.
However, there is a new trend in line, waiting to revolutionize the markets, and that is vaping and electronic cigarettes (E-cig). These electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are far safer than conventional smoking and tobacco usage and a positive alternative to smoking. People who want to quit smoking or simply want to reduce the number of cigarettes can certainly benefit from it.
How did e-cigarettes take over conventional cigarettes? Because it’s trendy easily accessible, and has become even a sport. E-cigarettes have become a fashion statement because each day new varieties are being added to the phenomenon. E-cigarettes enjoy a world of their own as It has been added to the world of fashion as well as sports. Even though the research of e-cigarettes and vaping is new in its early stages, it is gaining popularity every single day and is striving to remain profitable industry. Nonetheless, it can be said that e-cigarettes have taken over traditional smoking, thus it is definitely a trend to look forward to in the future.

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