Existential Psychology

Published: 2021-07-07 09:20:04
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Existential theory is the emphasize on the isolation and uniqueness of an individual within a different universe , the regards of the unexplainable state of human existence and the stress on the freedom of responsibility and choice on the acts that one does . It is a basic tool that is used to grant therapeutic assistance to a person in discovering the concepts held in his /her life . This is in aid of bringing a concise meaning about an individual ‘s life . Existential therapy aims at guiding individuals in confronting the anxieties in their lives . It aims at helping the client in making credible choices about the aspects that confront ones life . It emphasizes on the reflection on what could be the causes of meaningless and loneliness in ones life therefore finding out the best ways of copying with the anxieties held in their life . It does not however seek at eliminating these anxieties but only models the best ways in which one can cope adequately with them (Paul , 2007 ) However , the nature of the therapy does not address the appeals to most of the general population . This is because those aggrieved by foundations of anxieties would only be seeking rational ways of how to eliminate them rather than to cope with them . The better part of the society does not attribute the role of existential therapy in addressing the needs of their lives . It only seeks at postponing the actualities of anxiety that could be of influence to ones life (Thompson , 2007 ) Existential therapy is ideally emotional . This is by its sense of causing effects in response in the person ‘s emotional attributes that are held in the body . A person is only accredited towards shaping and changing the perceptions of the anxious feeling that he /she has within oneself . Consequently , the emotional context of this therapy is what brings the responsive effect that is held by the therapy (Bill , 2006 ) Reference Thompson Guy (2007 ) Apprehending the Inaccessible : Freudian Psychoanalysis and Existential Phenomenology . Journal of Phenomenological Psychology , Vol . 38 Bill Jerald (2006 ) An Existential View of Adolescent Development . Adolescence , Vol . 40 Paul Felix (2007 ) Psychotherapy and Existential Therapy . Journal of Phenomenological Psychology , Vol . 33

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