Executive Summary for a New Business Startup

Published: 2021-07-08 23:10:05
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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Business Type: Partnership Services Our organization will provide products such as computers, peripherals , stationery, furniture, office products, interior decorations, delivery. Customers Our customers are allover Canada and we are going to operate our business in Toronto. Our main customers are as follows : 1. Students 2. All ranges of office 3. Industries Our management The Organogram of our business is lead by the CEO and is the person who leads the human resource manager, supply chain manager and import manager. Competition Of the companies that we evaluated, Staples is a major player in this market with a huge product range and a well established distribution system. It will take time for us to reach their level and compete with them. Another company that we identified as being close to our competition range is known as FridRussell. Their product range is almost similar to ours and is based in 6-7 cities. Our efforts will be to find the right size for our business which will enable us to respond promptly to our customer needs as compared to our competitors. Risk Management Of course there are risks when we start a new business and these risks would be the changing demand of the customer in the market . Risks are higher when we start and keeps on decreasing as we proceed. To overcome risks we would have to identify ,assess and prioritize the risks involved. To manage the risks the risks has to be transferred to another party by way of contracts.

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