Ethical Problem in Fault Divorce

Published: 2021-07-28 12:35:06
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In society, many marriages end up with divorce. Many arguments between spouses become more serious problems which may result in violence because they cannot control their feelings. Moreover, Facebook, Viber and Instagram make communication more convenient, so spouses are easily to get into new relationships with others. These are some common reasons that make modern marriages broken so easily. Among many types of divorce, fault divorce is a common ethical problem in Vietnam because it has bad psychological effects to the people involved and negative results on the children.
The fault divorce is a type of divorce in which a spouse requests a divorce because another spouse has made mistakes or done something wrong. Some of the common faults include adultery, physical or emotional abuse, and cruel treatment. For instance, Ms. Nga, my friend in Vietnam, is an example of fault divorce. Her husband had an affair while he married. As the result, they divorced.
Fault divorce is unethical because it affects the people involved psychologically. Spouses are hurt and have negative thinking about marriage life. They are afraid to love and remarry, for they are difficult to open their hearts to love other although they are still young. In addition, spouses are also scared that this problem might happen, and they may hurt once again. Back to my previous example, Ms. Nga divorced because her husband had an affair. She was deeply and emotionally hurt. Until now, she still has lived alone although she is very young, twenty-eight years old. She said, I cannot handle this tremendous pain if it happens to my second marriage. Thus, fault divorce makes the involved people be painful and have negative thinking about unhappy marriage.
Fault divorce is unethical to children because they have to receive bad effects from their parents divorce although they don’t do any wrong. Children are miserable when they live away from either father or mother. Badly, the children have to witness their parents quarrel which are caused a damage in their development, so they tend to fear or have psychological problems. Also, children don’t have enough affection from their parents, so children can be involved in social evils and higher crime such as theft, gambling, fighting. For example, Ms. Huong, my neighborhood in Vietnam, divorced her husband in 2005 because he always abused her. Day by day, she could not bear anymore because of his bad actions, so they divorced. Her daughter lived with her and her son lived with her husband. The children felt sad and boring because nobody took care of them. The children dropped out of school early. Also, her daughter fell in love and married early when she was eighteen years old. Her daughter had an unhappy marriage like her. The cycle of life repeats, and their future seems difficult because their parents’ divorce affected them.
In conclusion, these are some reasons that fault divorce is an ethical problem. Spouses who are hurt have to take a long time to appease, and the children live without loving and warmth from both their parents. Therefore, through the essay, I hope that people can realize the importance of marriage life. They should think carefully before deciding to divorce. Life will be better if people condescend, take care of and share everything with each other.

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