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Published: 2021-08-24 21:00:09
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Each individual has their own special image of what caring means. There are many ways to show caring to others. When thinking of the word “caring”, the first profession comes to mind is nursing. Nurses are regularly connected with caring in light of the fact that they comfort, support while helping patient to recuperate to the best of their capacity.
Dealing and managing different patients throughout the day and every day with unusually and interesting medical conditions show their experience, patient, and care. Throughout the years I have encounter some best nurses that have formed my meaning of what caring ought to give a picture of.
Throughout the years, I have encounter some of the best nurses that formed my mind on the true meaning of caring for their patients/ clients. They are the ones who will go to a community that others are too afraid to go, they are the individuals who hold the hand of a dying patient and sing quietly to him or her, the one who holds a scared and frighten child and rock that child to sleep if need be, they are also the ones who stand adjunct to the doctor when he tells a patient or patient’s family someone is dying or has died. These are the nurses with care in their heart and soul that comes from within. The care from our human soul comes from the love of Jesus Christ, Philippians 2:4(NIV), “Do not be concerned about your own interests, but also be concerned about the interests of others.”
Nurses learn to help their patients to face the unbelievable through their touch, soothing voice, their healing presence, a look of kindness and compassion one see in the most unbearable situations.
I realize that it will not be easy, however, I am positive about getting ready myself and picking up the information important to give trust even to the individuals who decline to get well. I need to have any kind of effect in somebody’s life and support those in the midst of misfortune. I expect to be a nurse who will never abandon her patients regardless of how terminal their sickness, I will dependably be there urging them to appreciate each second they have. I will approach my patients with deference, respect, consideration, sympathy, mindful, understanding, and do the best to give them an inspirational standpoint. Joy, delight, and energy are extremely infectious, and a basic grin, contact, or even single word can turn a patient’s day. I will do my best to comprehend their history, disease, and treatment to keep them educated and refreshed on their wellbeing status. I will dependably put my patient first and urge them to convey fears, stories, needs, expectations, and solaces to have a superior comprehension of the most proficient approach to enable them to recuperate. As I acquire learning on the most proficient method to productively think about patients, I will advance every day on improving as an nurse. Minding is a progressing procedure that never closes, so nursing is a test will vanquish each day with a grin all over. There are no words that can express that I am so eager to wind up the best medical caretaker I can be. As I would see it, mindful is the way to nursing, and without it, nursing would be nonexistent.

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