Emotional Intelligence as a Type of Social Intelligence

Published: 2021-07-25 02:45:08
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In todays society, emotional intelligence is described as a type of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor personal and individuals emotions, to judge among them, and to use the resources to guide personal cognitive abilities. Research shows that emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthen, why others say its a natural characteristic. Emotional intelligence brings together the fields of emotions and intelligence by viewing emotions as useful sources of information that help one to make sense of and navigate the social environment (Salovey and Mayer,1990).Emotional Intelligence monitors personal and individuals emotion by looking at personality characteristics of an individual. Personality characteristics are characterized as locus of control, achievement motivation, authoritarianism, and self-esteem. A view of individual personality is a combination of nature and nurture, and genetic characteristics are mold by individuals experience.When reviewing related information of emotional intelligence pertaining to self-esteem, the information includes elements in the concept of individualize evaluation.
Self-esteem consist of three models which are affective models, cognitive models, and sociological models. Nature of self-esteem is viewed as a way that highlights affective processes instead of cognitive processes. Affective models begin in the early stages of life which helps you understand the influences self-evaluations and self-worth feelings. There are different perspectives that are observed about individuals thinking. For example, Crocker and Major (1989) have suggested that attractive people discount the positive feedback they receive (Im only getting this job because Im good-looking) and unattractive people discount the negative feedback they receive (I didnt get the job because Im not good-looking enough). In this manner, attractiveness ends up being uncorrelated with self-esteem (Brown and Marshall, 2002). Generally, people view themselves in a positive manner when they exemplify a higher level of self-esteem. Meanwhile people with lower level of self-esteem view themselves in a negative manner. Self-esteem is not considered the only factor that affects self-evaluation. Cognitive models assume that self-esteem is based on primary beliefs about individuals qualities. High self-esteem is based on appearance, intelligence, and popularity. Alternate perspectives assume all self-evaluations are influenced by self-esteem. Self-esteem can be calculated by its degree of importance with its weighed value.
When focusing on emotional intelligence, it views cognitive models on a holistically perception. Looking from a global level, self-esteem is view as a baseline of self-evaluations.Emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthen by personal emotions, others perspective, experiences, thoughtfulness, sentiments, drawing conclusion, and repetition. Individuals that exhibit high emotional intelligences are typically successful in everything they do. There are four attributes that will help individuals become successful; self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management. Self-management allows an individual to control its feeling and behaviors and adapt to change. Self-awareness allows an individual to weight their pros and cons. Social awareness allows an individual to become self-confidence of their environment. Relationship management allows an individual to develop team building skills. Different discoveries explained capabilities such as empathy, optimism, and self-control provided to outcomes and everyday life.

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