Earthquake in the Sea between Italy and Greece

Published: 2021-08-04 00:40:05
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Earthquake in the sea between Italy and Greece
Tsunami Italy, climbed the sea level
A powerful earthquake, of magnitude 6.8, struck last night just before two o’clock in the morning (one in Italy) the west coast of the Peloponnese, in Greece, causing great fear but fortunately no victims, and only limited damage .
The epicenter was located in the Ionian Sea, 38 kilometers from the island of Zakynthos, at a depth of 14 kilometers. The quake was distinctly felt up to Athens, about 300 kilometers away, as well as throughout southern Italy, Albania and Malta. The greatest damage was recorded in Zakynthos, in particular in the major port of the island, which however remains in operation. For several hours the supply of electricity has been interrupted.
“We are checking all the villages on the island, where there are many old buildings,” said Spyros Georgiou, a spokesman for civil protection, after the shocks recorded.
Tsunami in Italy
“Following the analysis of the seismic parameters, after 8 minutes – reads an official statement -, the Tsunami Alert Center of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology has communicated to the Department of Civil Protection an orange level tsunami alert (advisory ) for the regions of Puglia and Calabria, which corresponds to an expected wave of less than one meter on the mainland and less than half a meter offshore.The alert has also been sent to the reference institutions in the Mediterranean countries. near the epicenter a red alert has been issued (watch). “
“The orange alert – the note adds – was immediately issued by the Department of Civil Protection, which coordinates the National Alert System for the Earthquake generated by the earthquake (SiAM), because the earthquake of magnitude 6.8 occurred at a greater distance 100 km from the Italian coast, which means that a relatively small phenomenon was expected, but potentially dangerous for those who were in the ports or on the beaches “.
“The alert – he continued – was confirmed after the wave arrived at the seafarer of Kyparissia (Peloponnese) after 26 minutes.The tsunami waves were later observed, 56 minutes after the earthquake, by the seafarer of Le Castella, in the province of Crotone, reaching the width of about 6 centimeters compared to the mean sea level and 9 centimeters to the seaographer of Crotone in the following minutes “.
“Although these heights may suggest a not significant event – explains Ingv -, it must be specified that the waves can still be risky for people, because they reach the coast at a high speed, generating strong currents. even more dangerous amplification Several witnesses, as reported by news agencies, have observed an increase in sea level of about half a meter in some locations of Salento, on the coast between Capo di Leuca and Otranto “.
The magnitude of the earthquake
An earthquake in Greece of 6.8 magnitude has also made its effects felt in Italy. The south of our peninsula was awakened by a strong tremor which fortunately only caused so much fear. The event was attended by the director of the Institute of Environmental Geology and Geoengineering of CNR, Paolo Messina who admitted: “Fortunately this time there were no victims and the tsunami warning had no consequences, but the earthquake in Greece we can consider it a alarm bell not to be underestimated for the risk of Italy “. Messina is keen to underline how the shock that was recorded in the Peloponnese, was much higher than that which literally destroyed L’Aquila: “A shock of magnitude very high – continues the expert – just think that between a degree and another on the Richter scale, 30 times more energy is released, so just make a quick calculation to show how the earthquake in Greece was about 20 times more energy than the one in L’Aquila “.

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