Drug and Alcohol Addiction as Leading Disorder in America

Published: 2021-08-13 06:55:07
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Substance Abuse
        Drug and alcohol addiction is one of the leading disorders in America. Over 21.5 million people are addicted to some sort of substance abuse. Alcohol and drug abuse is a social issue that is still relevant in today’s society. Substance abuse can break down families and destroy lives. Why isn’t the matter more looked into? Addiction is a brain disease that causes the body to become dependent on that substance wether alcohol of drugs. Once the body starts to crave the drugs and alcohol you are hooked . Why does substance abuse consider a social issue. Once you become addicted it leads to drugged and drunk driving, violence, stress, mental issues and domestic abuse. Substance abuse not only affects the user but everyone else around them as well.
        Drug and alcohol addiction pertains to me as I’ve seen the affects of substance abuse not directly to me personally but others around me. I felt this topic was research elements that can inevitably help the future of people dealing with substance abuse. In 2017 72,000 people lost their life due to substance abuse. Substance  abuse is a difficult topic as it has a big affect globally not just the United States. (Koob, G. F., Arends, M., & Moal, M. L. 2014). Curently Substance Abuse victims first need to detox their bodies from all the drugs and poison from their bodies by doing so  it will cleanse their bodies and allow them to begin their road to recovery. After that they are given Counciling either one to one or group mediation. Usually rehabilitation takes 6 to 12 months in a facility. I feel there can be a more efficient way to help people suffering from substance abuse in stead of them just going to a rehab center and being released. Drug abuse  I feel as a social entrepreneur it’s important to address these social issues that can be enhanced to provide a better quality of life but it all starts with one person who use dedicated to that cause.
        Our culture is used to seeing people over dose all over social media but why not see what we can do to prevent people starting in the first place. Now with these new synthetic drugs it’s been easier to get high with a fraction of the price. Synthetic drugs are far worse then anyone expected. The amount of over dose and deaths due to the synthetic drugs , makes it the most dangerous of them. Addiction can also trigger depression, psychosis, and anxiety, and greatly increase the risk of suicidal ideation. It can also deeply impair people around the individual, destroying relationships and finances, and even pushing people towards illicit activity and crime.(Felman 2018). We need to find ways to prevent people from being addicts in the first place. That’s is what I plan to solve. Technology today should make it easier for people to be informed about substance abuse. Choosing substance abuse is a way to make my voice heard for those you become addicted and can’t get the help they deserve my role as a change maker I would treatment mandatory for any person who voluntarily signs up or is found on the street with the drugs or overdosing. It would take a lot of time and effort as many people who are addicts are in denial that they even are addicted so it the matter of getting them out of that mentality. Many people find it acceptable to become a victim to substance abuse and come just another statistic Injury can also occur while intoxicated. Often, drug use impairs co-ordination and balance and can lead to falls and injuries. Driving while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs is criminal in most countries and cause of 28% of all deaths related to traffic across the United States in 2016.(Felman 2018). Drinking and driving is a dangerous game to play. While you are impaired you are not able to think or react as quickly as you would not impaired. Many addicts function drunk in their daily life and don’t realize the dangers the pose to them selves and society. The unfortunate killing by drunk drives are a result of addiction as they can’t get enough alcohol so they drive and black out Causing death and injury to others and possibly themselves. 
        With substance abuse the social problem I am trying to solve the issue where people who are struggling in life go straight to drugs for answers. I am trying to allow rehabilitation for all walks of like who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. I would target children to adults. If we inform children and teens at young age how addiction can ruin their life we might be able to keep the image in their head that they could possibly end up like that. Addiction ruins family’s as they struggle with their loved ones as they slowly kill them selves. Key steps is to create rehabilitation program centers for addicts and anyone who wants to be informed about the Dangers or addiction to be allowed to seek Counciling and treatment. People need to become aware about substance abuse and how you can prevent your self from becoming a victim.  I would start a non profit organization and rely on donations to fund a rehabilitation center. This center will be state of the art. I may not be an expert in drug rehabilitation but I will hire the best councilors and doctors and nurses. The staff must be able to accept and help all patients no matter the drug ingested.
        Two measurable effects to help solve this issue would be to create a mandatory rehabilitation programs for anyone found on the street that has substance issues and be involved with communities and the youth about the dangers of substance abuse and addiction.  One wider benefit would being able to save lives and prevent the traumatic experience that the victim and their family has to deal with. A long term change would be to have addicts to be able to recover and be able to reintegrate themselves back to society with helping them with job search and a place to stay. One key assumption is that addicts with the help and guidance can be rehabilitated and able to come back to society with the help and guidance of a counselor. Rehabilitation is the correct direction to go as recently hospitals have been treating addicts in their new programs to help treat them. We’ve learned that certain places are conducive to engaging patients in treatment. One of them is the ER. The other is the criminal justice system. We need to grab those opportunities and offer patients effective treatment when they’re ready.(Vestal 2018) it is important that we have the resourcing and time to use for addicts to be able to get the help they. We’d with our being denied service. 
        Overdose for addicts is the lead cause of death but what can help people to stop overdosing?. Most overdoses happen in the home it you are worried about a loved one or someone you know they should not be living alone and be put in to a rehab center to help them with their addiction. In NYC Mayor Deblasio initiated safe places for addicts to use heroin and in case they over dose their are trained doctors and nurses to help them. This can work but I feel it just encourages people to use instead of getting help 115 people in the United States die every day by overdosing on opioid painkillers (Felman 2018). We need to decrease these numbers and find new alternatives and solutions to these issues. Many doctors and experts suggest to allow people to carry narcan or buprenorphine with them to use just in case someone or themselves overdose it can be used to counter react the drugs they taken.If you really want to see overdose deaths come down in the United States, getting treatment with buprenorphine has to be easier and cheaper for people with substance use disorders than getting heroin and other opioids on the street. And what could be easier than walking into an ER and getting started on buprenorphine?
        Rehabilitation centers are specifically treating addicts with medicine and helping them get over why they started in the first place.  I would have the patient learn more about there disease and how they can recover. I would create a daily routine for them to follow with a personal councilor and constant monitoring so they don’t feel alone. My rehabilitation center will have fun activities for all patients so they can bond and share their experiences with others in the same predicament.  I plan on meeting people who have been previous addicts and helping me create new centers for addicts and providing them a new opportunity to help others. I feel if I decided to pursue helping addicts i would put all my effort into help fighting this social issue.
        Many rehabilitation centers that treat  many drug users experience withdrawals if they are misdiagnosed if they mixed up certain other drugs. Treating Cocaine or heroin without treating alcohol in their system leads to relapse and withdrawal which can make it difficult for treatment. When the patient is detoxed they are treated specifically for the drug they used, Many patients with secondary dependency become combative and resist treatment. In many centers heroin addicts are not accepted as they are manipulative, aggressive, and demanding, so they are not accepted so they cannot  lower the success rate at the facility.(Stimmel 2015). Rehabilitation centers need to accept all different drug types no matter if that addict has a chance of ruining their success rate. They should be more focused on saving lives not worrying if this person might relapse in the program. A  2015 study showed that six times as many people who regularly misuse opiates attempt suicide as people who do not misuse opiates. The rate of death by suicide was two to three times higher in people who had a dependency on opiates(Felman 2018).  I would also have patients who are suicidal to be put in a new wing to be looked it with more attention. Suicide is also comes from being addicted to drugs, with out the substitute for the drug they feel hopeless. I would find something that they can enjoy to substitute the need for drugs in their life. A pet animal is a great way to substitute drug use as a former drug addict can use the animal to cope with its stress and fears to allow them to feel love and have a purpose. Many prisons use animals to allow violent prisoners to calm down and have a purpose to find love and take care of their pet.
        The youth are the ones that are effected primarily when it comes to drugs. High school students are the most curious and prone to using drugs. “You don’t need drugs to have a good time and to be an example and leader,” she said. “This is your life and you only get one chance. Be smart and be informed.”(Cousino 2018). The youth in today’s society need to be well aware that drugs are bad for you and only ruin your life. In today’s society with social media drug use is influenced on all ages. The youth is at major risk when it comes to the media. I would change legislature that makes it illegal for drug use to be promoted wether it’s video games, music, television, and social media. The mind set of allowing drug use to be promoted corrupts the minds of the youth and allows them to think it’s ok to be a drug user because my favorite singer does it. With the change in policy I would have lobbyist influence law makers and politicians that even legalizing marijuana will impact our youth not only our society when it comes to addiction. Student s from Summerfield High School had an event to let students talk about there struggling drug addiction .Dr. Kojo Quartey, president of the college, led a moment of silence for those who died from addiction and then told a story about two of his best friends in high school who smoked marijuana, the “gateway drug.” “They went on to other drugs and now they’re dead,” Quartey said.(Cousino 2018). the loss of life for a is a shame especially at a young age. Addiction is not a joke and students should become informed and educated when it comes to substance abuse.
        As a social entrepreneur I would put all my time and effort in to seeing my creation expand to help people with substance abuse. Substance abuse is a serious matter with the help and dedication can help lead  to saving lives. I am a very motivated person and with the right help I would be able to push myself to the best of my abilities and be able to be a successful social entrepreneur. I can use all the skill and knowledge I learned from this course to help make the world a better place and it all begins with a social entrepreneur.

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