Driving while Black

Published: 2021-08-15 11:15:07
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Being a black in America has got many issues mainly discrimination being the cause of all the problems. The Africans rights are not put into full consideration compared to the White that is the European American. It is well known and elaborated by the Black leaders who tried to fight for the rights of the Africans in America (Davis, 2001). At that time many were assassinated one of them is Martin Luther King whose remarks still said up to today. Being an African American driving becomes an issue. This is seen across the highways in American nations whereby the African Americans are being mistreated, harassed and put in police cars where there are police dogs and threatened if anyone tries to escape.
An instance of the above case is where the Blacks are mistreated it happened in 1998 August where a 37 year old Black man and his son were caught by a nightmare on the highways of America they found out that they could barely travel for more than thirty minutes without being stopped twice by a police patrolling the highways (Davis, 2001). Second they were stopped by the troopers who terrorized them and in this case they were locked in a police car where there were police dogs and it is here where they were threatened that in case they tried to escape the dogs would be released to them. The police officers had at that point shut all the video cameras in the car and therefore there was no any evidence that the Black man and his son were terrorized. (Davis, 2001) The Black man was named Gerald and he understood the history of oppression of Africans that existed in America and hence feared of being victimized.
Basically, the problem of African driving was being terrorized and mistreatment also the incarceration that existed was slavery where the Africans were put into custody to work for the Whites.

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